Opera Rolls Out Browser With Built In VPN

Opera, the computer browser company, has released a new version of its internet browser, Opera 40. This new version comes with a free virtual private network that is built into the program. A virtual private network is a user only network that runs on a public network or the internet. A VPN, enables the user to send and receive data on both kinds of networks as if their device was directly connected. The reason that VPN’s are popular is that they provide the user with functionality, management benefits, and best of all, added security.

Opera 40 is coming out after over 5 months of testing. The company, after looking its feedback has also added additional servers and options for global or private browsing to Opera 40. They have also created versions of the browser that are compatible with the iOS and Android systems.

When Opera 40’s virtual network is activated, the browser creates a safe connection to one of Opera’s virtual servers. Once they are connected, Opera 40 lets the user connect to the virtual servers private IP address. This connection option now includes two new virtual IP locations, Singapore and the Netherlands. The company strongly believes that if more people knew how the internet really worked that they would use a VPN. Right now the internet is basically more like the wild west than a secure place to travel electronically. The other thing that drives the company is the increasing public awareness of the threat of hackers and hacking attacks.

Before Opera rolled out version 40, the company did a global survey about VPN’s. The information that came back was shocking. Only half of the people that responded even knew what a virtual private network was. More than half of those people that responded who knew what virtual private networks were chose not to use them. When asked why, they responded that virtual private networks were either too expensive or to difficult to use. Both of these issues were addressed in the new version of Opera’s browser. Opera’s virtual private network costs the user nothing and they have made enabling the VPN extremely easy. The new browser is free to download and currently supports all the new operating systems including Windows and Apple Linux distributions, an even Linux and Android.