Organo Gold Wants To Help Small Coffee Companies

Coffee drinkers are happier than ever. It’s not because of some new coffee flavor or a deflation in the cost of coffee. It is because it has been medically proven that coffee leads to a healthier life, and one that will last at least 25 years longer than an average person. This was not proven by people who just did some study in a local library. Medical investigators from USA Today interviewed people who drink coffee and people who do not drink coffee. These investigators also interviewed doctors who deal with cancer and heart disease on a daily basis. The investigators wanted to see if doctors ask their patients if they drink coffee or not. Follow Organo Gold on Facebook.

The investigators proved that people who drink coffee on a daily basis are less at risk for cancer or heart disease. People who smoke and drink coffee are at a greater risk to get cancer or heart disease, but this would be from smoking not drinking coffee. The investigators are in the process of making these medical finds part of official medical records that will be stored in medical libraries. The USA Today investigators believe this situation is that serious because it is indeed a matter of life and death. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is now helping small coffee companies since reading this news from USA Today. Organo Gold is of itself a coffee company, and all the coffee they sell is geared towards making the body more healthy. However, Organo Gold is also a marketing company. They are willing the market small coffee companies for a small fee. Organo Gold believes the more coffee in the world means the longer people will be alive. Organo Gold can be contacted by phone, by email, or a live representative can chat online. Organo Gold is a 24-hour operation.