Dick DeVos Brings Success To Large And Small Business Options

The Grand Rapids, Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos has been in the headlines a lot over recent years for the role he plays in bringing education reforms to families across the U.S.; for myself I have been aware of the business career of Dick DeVos since he took control of The AmWay Group in 1993 and remained in the position of President for a decade until he entered a very active retirement.

Dick DeVos is a business leader I have looked to follow and replicate his personal levels of success that began with his childhood home also being the main office of his father’s company, The AmWay Group.

Looking back at the life of Dick DeVos allows me to see just how successful he has been since he graduated from Northwood University and began a career with The AmWay Group that began in 1974. I was initially impressed to learn Dick learned as much about the company as possible in various departments before finally entering the business at executive level in 1986.

If proof was needed of the business sense of Dick DeVos it was provided when Dick took control of the international business department at AmWay in 1986 when this area provided just five percent of annual sales, just six years later Dick had grown this department to account for over 50 percent of annual sales.

As I completed some research into the career of Dick DeVos I was impressed by the fact he had not limited himself to working with the family business and had led the Orlando Magic NBA franchise from 1991 to 1993. The impressive way Dick adapted to working in a new business environment is a good sign of his great business skill, in my opinion, and also prompted his promotion to President of AmWay in 1993.

The growth of AmWay hit huge levels under the leadership of Dick DeVos before he successfully restructured the company to improve profitability in 2002, just two years before he announced his retirement from the business.

Away from his role in education reform Dick DeVos has continued to impress me with his dedication to investing in local businesses from the Michigan area through The Windquest Group he leads with his wife Betsy. Learn more about Dick DeVos: http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2016/04/devos_company_gets_new_ceo.html

Despite entering retirement I have been pleased to see Dick DeVos continue to look for new areas of investment, including the leisure, manufacturing, and clean energy sectors through The Windquest Group.

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