Future Of VR Games Is Assured As Owlchemy Labs Gets $5 Million

The wacky and “cool” factor at Virtual Reality (VR) environments creator, Owlchemy Labs, is getting kicked up a Notch with an influx of $5 million. The money was secured from Qualcomm Ventures as a registered Series A investment. Qualcomm was joined by The VR Fund, HTC, Capital Factory, and Colopl Next. What will the company do with all that dough? They are going to make VR that you can reach out with your hands and grab a hold of things and make VR into something a lot more like the Star Trek, The Next Generation’s Holodeck.

Oculus Touch, HTC’s Vive, and PSVR have all bundled Owlchemy Labs’ top VR community app, which is available right now. It is the Job Simulator game. It’s kind of a quirky game of a surrealistic future. Players have their own virtual work space where they can do actual office tasks, turn equipment on and off, use computers, and even cause various levels of mayhem in that work space. Or maybe you just want to play the simulation of using the copy machine to print and collate 100 copies of your virtual paper scribbles.

It may not sound like that much fun, but many who have tried it found it quite a realistic fascination. The new additions to their VR technology repertoire include using motion trackers to record precise movements of the players and cause real-time modifications of the whole VR environment based upon that analyzed record of movement. The research and development arm of the company is a team of sixteen people, all intensely focused on making the technology indistinguishable with magic.

The investment funds will start the launch of a whole suite of new VR applications. The money will not change the way they develop original, specific VR environments that are funky enough to be instant classic originals. But, the interactions with such games and simulators in the future will be much more hands on; literally! They fully intend to extend the technology so VR becomes indispensable. Full manipulation by the user’s hands must be supported to make VR finally take off into the main stream for all kinds of different applications. Read more about this in TechCrunch’s article about Investment in Owlchemy Labs.