Politics naturally runs in Betsy DeVos blood and for more than 30 years she has been involved in active Reformist politics that touches on education.Betsy DeVos reformist streak started while she was still studying in college. Born Elisabeth Prince she has had the opportunity of being the Republican Party chairman in Michigan for six years.

She has also led various politically instigated committees, campaigns, campaigns among others. In addition to this, she also had the opportunity of rallying behind her husband when he became the Republican Governor nominee for the Michigan seat. Betsy DeVos most outstanding nature is her philanthropic nature. The enterprising education reformist has been at the forefront of various philanthropy causes. Some of them include The Windquest Group where she serves as chairman. The company deals with investments in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. Follow Betsy DeVos on

She started the company with her spouse in 1989. Betsy DeVos is a leading education reformist; this role has led her to be the seating chairman of the Alliance School Choice and American Federation for Children. She is also in The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation where she shits as a chairman. In addition to this, she also sits on the board of the Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA and DeVos Institute for Arts Management among many others.

Betsy DeVos has been spearheading the private school’s voucher program in Milwaukee. The program has been the first one in America to advocate for private schools attendance where students want to attend them as opposed to traditional government schools which are failing. Mrs. DeVos started her education reform campaign when her children were attending the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids.

When she noticed that many parents were striving a lot to ensure that their children get a quality education. Mr. DeVos and his wife decided to assist some children from underprivileged families to achieve the education they yearned for.

This noble gesture gave birth to a foundation that provided scholarships to underprivileged children.

In turn, her husband Dick DeVos was elected into the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990. However, it wasn’t feasible to provide scholarships to all the underprivileged families in the area, regardless, of how much they wanted to assist them. This helplessness motivated Betty DeVos to form the Great Lakes Education Project which was a political action committee dedicated to supporting education charge through the expansion of charter schools in Michigan.

Within two years the project had become successful and this steered them to take it to a national level. Eventually, this became the genesis of the American Federation for Children and Betsy DeVos became the chair of this body. Visit to know more about their foundation.


Betsy DeVos is a dedicated education reformer, philanthropist, advocate of education rights and entrepreneur. The mother of four has a Bachelor of Arts Degree which she acquired from the Calvin College in Michigan

Betsy DeVos and the Hope for Education

It can be hard for people to understand how education works and how children can benefit from having different types of education that their parents can choose from. The great thing about Betsy DeVos, though is that she knows this and she does what she can to make education something that all children are able to benefit from. She has done a lot during her time in the educational field to make things better for children and for the families that they come from. Betsy DeVos doesn’t even care that most families are not able to afford specialized education opportunities. She believes that the families should do what they can and then it is the responsibility of the government to provide educational options to children. Similar to how they provide education in the form of public schools, they should also be trying to provide more opportunities for the children who are in different situations. Read more on

Betsy DeVos has always stood on the platform of giving kids an opportunity. She has always hoped that education would be able to be made into something much better than what it is and she believes that she is the key factor behind this. She wants to make sure that people know what they are doing and that they can learn the different opportunities. She also fights to make sure that the government bodies are able to see how having a great education can truly change a student’s life no matter where they came from in the beginning of the educational opportunities that they had.

The easiest way that Betsy DeVos has found to do this is through the use of vouchers. This was the first thing that she implemented and it has grown since that time. She wants students to be able to go to private schools. The vouchers simply pay for the private school and allow the student to go there even if their parents are unable to afford the school opportunity. It is something that she has been doing since the 1980s and something that she will continue to push in the educational agenda.

More recently, she has worked with the idea of charter schools. These are schools that are similar to public schools in that they provide people with more opportunities to succeed plus they are free. They are similar to private schools in that they pay attention to each and every one of the children at the school. The classes are smaller and the curriculum is more individualized to the child. They are able to do more with the options that they have when they are in these schools as opposed to a simple public school that doesn’t really have any opportunities.

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Business Leaders In Chicago

Businesses in Chicago have been improving from time to time. Did you know that Chicago is one of the most diversified economies? Chicago is also one of the largest, with the annual gross regional product or GRP of more than $575 billion dollars. Chicago is the home for around 400 major corporate headquarters. 31 of them are included in the Fortune 500. Chicago is one of the key players in numerous sectors like information technology to manufacturing, and other sectors. In this opportunity, we will discuss about business and marketing leaders in Chicago.
1. Majeed Ekbal
As one of the business leaders in Chicago, Majeed Ekbal has been a new business development and marketing professional for more than 15 years. He specializes branding, budget management, direct & digital marketing and partnership development. Ekbal has performed greatly in front of co-workers and the leaders. He was able to shape comprehensive marketing strategies as well as generating revenues. As an addition, Ekbal can work efficiently in diverse teams.
Ekbal has been the president of Expresso Inc. Expresso Inc offers services to their customers. They are focusing in the convenience of their services. They help the customers by picking their orders and delivering, and some other services. Ekbal was really ambitious about the business ever since he began entering this part of the business world. Ekbal is responsible for a lot of things, including the digital and social media marketing, marketing research, and some other things.
2. Carrie Lannon
Carrie Lannon is one of the business leaders who received the Magnificent Mile Association Member Awards in 2012. She is a public relations leader, and she is famous for her high sense of urgency in every work or project. Lannon is really skilled in integrating social media, content marketing, publicity and social events, which can successfully excite the customer, thus resulting in brand advocacy. Lannon has managed a public relations agency for 12 years.
3. Peter Simoncelli
The General Manager of The Westin Chicago River North, Peter Simoncelli was selected by the Magnificent Mile Association Chairman of the Board to get the Chairman’s Choice Award. This award is dedicated to leaders who have performed excellent leadership in the association. Peter has performed excellently in front of co-workers and leaders, awarding himself with praises from them. Simoncelli has years of experience in the business world too.
Those were three of many Chicagoan business and marketing leaders. Majeed Ekbal, Carrie Lannon and Petter Simoncelli are three of the many amazing leaders who have been causing the major improvement in the Chicagoan business and economy sector. They are amazing and they have great leadership; they are perfect leaders to look up to.

Digital Reputation Building

Most of us have watched Scandal where the character Olivia Pope plays high-level crisis mitigation. Even though the series is basically dramatized, the job is a real life necessity. One such real life fixer is Status Labs president and a renowned Digital Crisis Expert Darius Fisher. His job description involves giving second chances to various public and powerful individuals, who have run into trouble with their online reputation management. Clients get a chance to give the other side of their story and basically hav the online damage to their reputation repaired.
With his expertise in Digital Data Crisis, Darius fisher leads the Status Labs in redeeming their client’s online appearance; whether that happens to be on social media or negating unfavourable Google Search results. Status Labs have their headquarters in Austin, Texas, with other offices located in New York and Sao Paulo.
Sometimes whether we get a job appointment, win a tender or generally get a nod of approval from corporate and corporate individuals depends largely, if not entirely; on how we presents ourselves online. Reputation is the feedback loop of the personal brand you represent. On the other hand, reputation management begins with the experience of the clients, who, when happy and satisfied with the services, will say good things about the brand and that will attract more clients.
Our brand begins with a story about ourselves. We share our story with the world through marketing. Our clients share the experiences they have with us, and their stories become our reputation. Your story is your life, your identity, how you began, your purpose for starting, what you strive to offer customers, your name, and your logo.
Your reputation is what other people say about you. Basically it would be covering grounds like timely delivery of work, whether you followed instructions, the work presentation and the manner of response to feedback. Whether or not you exceeded the customer expectations will ultimately determine the direction your online reputation will take. The goal of online reputation management is to use the internet to create competitive advantage.
Online reputation management includes
• having a website,
• online talent portal and business directory listings,
• public relations activity by means of blogging and other content,
• involvement in social media sites, and
• Building social profiles.
Reputation Management Strategies include such techniques as listening to what people say about you. Does what people say match what you think about yourselves? Secondly, strategize, such that the [arts of your business where online reputation management can have the biggest impacts on your clients. For example blogging allows your potential clients see what you can do. Lastly, reach out, engage and share sentiments with clients and potential clients.