Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro supports 4K/HDR TV

The PlayStation 4 is the latest breed of console. Sony stated that the most recent development of the game is not just going to replace previous versions. It is meant especially for those that have invested to 4K Television sets with HDR lighting features. The 4K television systems has brought in a new era of television sets and systems.


Nintendo too has not been left out as it has tried to come out with an original switch.

The PlayStation 4 Pro brings in the latest and most exclusive graphics ever experienced in the market. However, it may not be a significant different for PS4 owners. For one to see the benefits, you have to wait till the games get upgraded. To thoroughly enjoy most of its features, you may have to incorporate a 4K, HDR TV set to take full advantage of the whole game. If you already have your original PS4, it is stuck to its original 1080p. The upgrade should mean a lot regarding gaming with the best graphics.


While the old PS4 had a somewhat laid back design, the new Sony PS4 Pro comes with a different sharp-angled layer. It is a lot taller than the original. However, its shape, color, and look are more or less similar to the previous version. The Pro version extends far back than before. The additional feature has been used to create an extra room for an additional power supply and to include other powerful components to its design.


The Pro version of PlayStation 4 front buttons are however physical and not the touch sensitive. They have been upgraded to become separated; you can now quickly press the power button at its far left and complete ejection at its far right.


The new 4K feature is something that should excite new customers, especially holders of the Sony PS4. You can now purchase a 4K TV headset as most companies are increasingly introducing other gadgets that match seamlessly with the device. 4K TV sets are increasingly getting cheaper. There are lots of high-resolution TV sets out there. The tech world seems to have reached the point where it can fully appreciate 4K resolution. The release of the new Sony PS4 that requires 4K welcomes this technology.