End Citizens United Pushes for Super PAC Reform

Political Action Committees or PACs are very important for the political process. They allow various organizations and individuals to campaign against candidates, legislation and ballot initiatives.

Super PACs are independent Political Action Committees. They are primarily used by corporations, unions and individuals to raise money to campaign against candidates on opensecrets.org. Super PACs cannot be directly linked to a particular candidate or their campaign.

End Citizens United is a PAC that has been created to eliminate the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. This ruling was given in 2010 and it states that political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment. The government cannot stop corporations or unions form spending money to back or to refute political candidates within elections on Facebook.

End Citizens United wants to end the Super PAC ruling because they think it allows the wrong organizations and individuals to be able to influence elections. They specifically do not want dark money groups using this Supreme Court ruling to their advantage.

Dark money groups are organizations that give money to nonprofit groups that can receive unlimited donations and then spend the money to impact elections on endcitizensunited.org. However, they do not have to disclose the names of the donors providing this assistance. End Citizen’s United also backs political candidates that they believe to be best suited for the job.

The primary reasons why End Citizens United has been created has to do with transparency and accountability. Billionaires and special interest groups can now spend unlimited sums of money to influence political elections. Since their names do not have to be reported; these individuals and organizations can influence political elections in their favor.

There have been numerous complaints since 2010 about the impact that wealthy political donors on msnbc.com have within the arena of politics. End Citizens United sees this as an imbalance of power. They do not mind billionaires giving to a cause but it should be within limits.

End Citizens United also sees a problem with dark money because it opens the doors for potential corruption within political elections. Ultimately, this organization wants to keep extremely wealthy organizations and people from overrunning the political system and government with their ideology and influence.