Billionaire George Soros Is A Common Target For Glenn Beck’s Rants

Hedge fund investor and humanitarian, George Soros, once said: “when you have wealth, people like to make you a media target.” Soros, the 86-year-old, Hungarian-born Jew, knows he’s a big media target. He’s been the topic of financial and economic news stories for years. Most news reporters respect Soros. They realize how smart and energetic this former refugee and waiter is. The story of George Soros life is certainly movie-worthy. Being forced to leave Hungary or be captured by the Nazi was a traumatizing experience. Leaving his family behind, and starting a life in England wasn’t easy either. But George did it.

The young member of the Schwartz family found a job waiting tables in London. He still wasn’t comfortable using the name, Soros back then. But that’s the name his father chose to protect the family from the Nazis. In Hungarian, the name Soros means “next in Line.” or “successor.” George Soros Nazi didn’t know exactly what he was next in line for, but when he was accepted to the London School of Economics in 1947, he realized what his calling was. He was good with figures and money, and he wanted to use that talent. In 1954, Soros earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy and a Master of Science in philosophy.

In 1954, Soros began his financial career in London, but a friend suggested he apply for a job in New York. Soros took that advice. In 1956, George Soros moved to New York, and he started working for F. M. Mayer Brokerage House. He concentrated on European stocks, and that job was the catalyst that landed him on the Forbes List of wealthiest people years later.

Glenn Beck, the news commentator, and talk show host, wasn’t impressed with George Soros. Beck decided that Soros was an anti-Semite. Beck made comments that suggest Soros was complicit in the Holocaust. Beck also believes Soros is Israel’s enemy. Nothing could further than from the truth. Soros has never denied his Jewish heritage, and he was never taken part in fueling the Holocaust. George Soros has always promoted Democracy, freedom, and human rights. He has never donated money to Republican candidates as Beck implied on his radio show. George is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party, and he is a super-sized donor and supporter.

Beck’s comments about Soros crossed the line of truth, and they landed in the pit of lies and fabrications. George Soros has demonstrated his love for his adopted country, and his heritage through the years, in interview after interview.

No one is sure where Beck vindictiveness came from. Soros has never said or done anything to Glenn Beck. George has never instigated any violence in European nations. But George Soros has helped some of those nations find Democracy by donating billions of dollars through his Open Society Foundation.

Soros is not on a mission to destroy the United States. He is on a mission to bring the world together. For some reason, Beck can’t or will not agree that Soros is a billionaire humanitarian that is giving away huge chunks of his wealth to promote freedom and Democracy.

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George Soros Teams Up With Other Donors To Protect Obama Legacy

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team spent millions of dollars to make her clinch the presidential seat in the US. George Soros together with other rich liberals contributed the tens of millions that were used to campaign for Hillary. The election results were not received positively by those in Hillary camp, George Soros included. Soros and other donors who tried hard to elect Hillary to be the president felt that there is something that they could still do even after losing in the election. Soros and other wealthy liberals attended a conference at Mandarin Oriental hotel to discuss on how to wage war against Trump just from the very first day. The meeting is one of its kind since the shocking results of Trump’s victory were released.

The gathering which got its funding from Democratic Alliance donors club had an agenda which termed Trump’s manifesto as an assault to President Obama’s achievement and a threat to a just and equitable nation. Many liberals are going back to the drawing board to reassess their political approach. Democracy Alliance popularly known as DA have been on the front line putting down strategies on how to capture the target groups which are the women and minorities. Trump’s victory came from the working class whites, a group that DA didn’t give enough attention. There is a great concern from some members of the DA who feel that they seriously need to retool their political approach. The president of DA Gara LaMarche also had a concern about losing and an election that one had an opportunity of winning.

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LaMarche, George Soros, and other donors now have the biggest challenge of protecting the Obama legacy starting from Obamacare. They are afraid that if they don’t do something fast enough, then the president-elect Donald Trump can dismantle it. The big issue that they feel that they should deal with is how to win the working class votes. Liberal donors and activist didn’t pay attention to the concerns raised by the working class voters; this possibly could be the reason as to why the working class didn’t vote for their favor. DA didn’t invest much in local strategies and state, and they need to correct that immediately for better results in future.

Peter Lewis with some mega Democratic donors and George Soros launched the Democracy Alliance in 2004 after the elections. Their main aim was to spend tens of millions to boost John Kerry who was by then a senator in the challenge of the then president George W Bush. The group has more than 100 members who include George Soros, Donald Sussman, Tom Steyer and liberal foundations together with major labor unions. Every member of the team is required to give a contribution of $200, 000 annually and $30,000 to cater for the DA meetings, staff, meals, and entertainment. How the DA will handle the great loss that they have suffered due to Trump’s victory is not so clear. Soros and other donors, however, have been giving generously and doesn’t show signs of pulling out.


Meet George Soros

George Soros is a Hungarian-born philanthropist and liberal political activist. It is estimated that Soros has donated more than $11 billion to various Democratic and charitable causes between 1979 and 2015. He rocketed to fame in 1992 when he succeeded in making a $1 billion profit with the short sale of pounds sterling during the currency crisis in the United Kingdom.

Soros was barely a teenager when the Nazis occupied Hungary in 1944. His Jewish family was forced to purchase false documents which identified them as Christians. Young George Soros also posed as the godson of an official of the Nazi-controlled Hungarian government, and it’s thought to be the main reason his family survived the door to door hunt for Jewish families. When the war ended, Soros immigrated to the United Kingdom and attended the London School of Economics where he earned both a Bachelor and Master of Science in philosophy.

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After a series of sales jobs, Soros was finally able to begin his career as an investment banker in London. Within two years, he’d secured employment with F.M. Mayer in New York on as a arbitrage trader. He later moved to Wertheim and Company where he analyzed European-based securities. His first plan was simply to earn enough money to return to the United Kingdom and continue his studies in philosophy. However, it was during this time he developed his theory of reflexivity. The theory is based on the idea that markets aren’t just driven by economic fundamentals, but also by the mistaken ideas of the participants. Soros’ theory would prove to be the underpinning of his personal fortune and lead him to be a major donor to the Democratic Party.

Soros spent millions of dollars in an attempt to help elect Hillary Clinton president of the United States. Since her surprise defeat by Donald Trump, Soros and other large donors are now meeting as the Democracy Alliance on to decide how to spend the remaining war chest to fight policies liberals feel are likely to come from a Trump Administration during its first 100 days. These battles include the roll back of Obamacare, a hiring freeze on federal employees, a constitutional amendment imposing congressional term limits, and cancellation of payments to the United Nations. Since Soros only occasionally attends Democracy Alliance meetings and rarely takes a formal role, the fact that he agreed to speak at the meeting possibly signals that his wallet will open as the Democratic Party fights the agenda of the incoming Trump Administration.

Charles Koch Mulls Supporting Hilary Clinton

Billionaire and CEO of Koch Industries Charles Koch has stated that it is possible that he would consider supporting Hilary Clinton over the current GOP candidates in the primary election. The leader of Koch Industries and of the Koch political network is known to heavily favor Republican candidates. During the last election Charles Koch and his network spend almost $400 million dollars to try and get the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, elected over Barack Obama.

The Kochs and their allies ultimately failed to elect a Republican in 2012. This year, with the primary election in both parties being far from what is considered normal, Charles Koch has said that it is possible that he may sit out the presidential race and not get involved. Previously, Charles Koch, his brothers and their network of donors were mulling about creating a campaign to stop Donald Trump on the Republican side.

Ultimately a decision was made by Charles Koch and their political network to not get involved in a stop Trump campaign. Koch has decided not to intervene in the Republican primary. The reason for not being involved in this year’s primary is according to Charles Koch a lack of role models.

Koch expressed his dismay on the state of presidential election politics now. He said that the insults hurled at each other by the candidates was a low point and sends a bad message to the people. Presidential candidates are supposed to be role models for the young. The current candidates are fighting among each other and being very poor role models as someone running for the highest office in the country.

When Charles Koch was recently asked about who he liked better as president with regards to Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, the elder Koch brother said that he preferred Bill Clinton. Under George Bush’s administration government spending increased dramatically. Clinton’s administration on the other hand helped to balance the budget and create a surplus.

When the question came as to whether he might support Hilary Clinton, Charles Koch said that it is possible. He did say that her policies would have to be different than the ones that she is currently espousing on the trail. The Kansas City native and elder of the Koch brothers said that Hilary Clinton may be preferable than the current Republican candidates. A lot can change though, and Charles Koch has said that he may even get involved in the Republican race which so far he has abstained from.