The Power of Slyce Visual Search Makes Shopping Easier

The Growing Importance of Visual Search

As millions of people around the world go on line for the first time every year, the importance of search engine technology as a tool of global commerce has enjoyed rapid growth. For the first time in human history, people in large numbers now possess the ability to search for products that interest them using platforms that extend internationally. One impressive new trend in this field concerns a recent development which promises to enhance the power of consumers even more in the very near future: visual search.

This article will explore visual search and its roots in a bit more detail. It will demonstrate why this powerful tool will soon place more power than ever before in the hands of consumers.

Visual Search

What is visual search and what advantages does it offer over other search methods? Shortly after the Internet first arose, a consumer could access the Web and visit popular search engines to input terms, names or expressions called “keywords” that would produce a list of sites on line referenced around the same topic. In fact, word-based search technology has advanced significantly in a just a short space of time. Today, people all around the world can use this technology to hunt for goods and services of interest.

Keyword technology holds some drawbacks. First, it can prove difficult to search sites based in other languages, even with translation technology available to provide a rough translation of the content. The nuances of language sometimes cause unintended miscommunication during Internet search processes. Second, not all search engines “speak” every human language.

Yet one stunning new development occurred recently with the advent of extremely refined visual search technology promoted by Slyce. The company has devised a way to allow on line shoppers to trace the source and sales outlets of products they see in images on the Internet. Visual images cross language barriers in a way that words do not. The innovations developed by Slyce’s new search engine will likely revolutionize the process of shopping on line in the near future!

Furnishing More Power to Consumers

Some observers in the past have noted the democratizing powers of cyberspace during the Information Age. In the past, hierarchies and structures often controlled the free flow of information to a very great extent. But old models now undergo rapid change, as the explosion of interest in the Internet have opened a floodgate of information.

Companies that utilize the Slyce technology in marketing will likely enjoy many advantages in a growing consumer dominated market in which on line visitors expect instantaneous access to information. Being able to see who manufactures an attractive item of apparel at the click of a button (or at the tap on a pda screen) will likely please many people. They will also appreciate the power Slyce offers them to locate outlets for the products they notice instantly. Can enhanced on line sales revenues for retailers lag far behind in this process? Slyce will empower markets!