SEO: Myths Abound!

Search engine optimization is always changing in one form or another. This should not be unexpected. Long ago, the search engine giants came to the obvious realization that, if people could easily predict how SEO works, then they would be able to easily manipulate it. Actually, manipulation and dirty tricks were the norm in the SEO world until Google put down the hammer on illegal and untoward tactics.

A lot of confusion over the way SEO works today exists. Those new to SEO and, yes, even those who have been around the optimization block for some time still fall victim to SEO myths. They may assume only Pay Per Click (PPC) is viable or that SEO flat out no longer works.

Both of these assessments are flat out wrong. Sure, there are some SEO strategies that are no longer viable such as massive link spamming. PPC does work or else billions of dollars a year in revenue would not flow from its coffers. That said, PPC is not the “be all, end all” and SEO is far from irrelevant.

Anyone publishing a website or engaging in online commerce really should read up on current SEO from credible sources. Beneful understands that doing so definitely helps you stay on top of the news regarding changes in the SEO world. By staying on top of this news, you know what trends are working and what old-time tactics need to be put to pasture.