Status Labs And Their Success In The Last Year

Status Labs is a hugely successful online reputation management company who has helped all kinds of high profile individuals and business owners attain the growth that they need to succeed. As a public relations firm and digital marketing company as well, they understand the growth needed to attain a following and maintain an online reputation. Their growth for the past year in 2015 was a huge success because of their approach to business and how they handle all aspects of marketing. The company has had a growth revenue of up to 39 percent from 2014 and up to 939 percent since they were first founded back in 2012.

They are most known for attaining such success because of their growth in using the most innovative and dynamic marketing tactics throughout the digital media. Their continued focus on client acquisition and retention is what sets them apart from the other companies in the industry.

Signing up more than 160 new clients all across the globe in different industries like politics, beauty, real estate, finance, and other markets, they are continuing to grow and flourish in this business using the most innovative tactics in the digital world. Status Labs has been in business for many years, and they know that they can solve a variety of different issues that are found in most campaigns for different business owners. They also work with a wide variety of clientele, whether they are Fortune 500 companies or a local shop looking to maintain their reputations.

In the past year, they have grown their list of employees by more than 12 percent to help keep up with the demands of being in this industry and having so man by new clients jump in.

2016 is going to be an even more amazing year for the company. Status Labs is extremely successful because of their digital marketing strategies that provide real results and can help you achieve massive growth in this industry. Status Labs has grown over the past few years, and they will continue to grow as they build their marketing platforms and reach out to more business owners.