A Look At Tech Company, Relive

A new Dutch technology company called Relive is shaking up the tech world. Founded last year and based in the city of Rotterdam, Relive attempts to recreate the travel and exercise experience of its users through a more interactive fashion. The company name is a play on what the company aims to do with its unique software.


Relive attempts to let you relive your travels, hikes, biking or jogging experience by combing data and statistics with visual images. What this means is that you can link data from fitness trackers made by companies such as Garmin and Strava to Relive’s program. Then you upload photos and videos of your journey or exercise routine to Relive.


The software of Relive will then recreate your journey through an interactive map. Major events can be highlighted such as when you reached a certain elevation, covered a certain amount of distance or reached a certain heartbeat level when doing a strenuous physical activity. With these features and visual cues, you can now better share what you did during an activity and provide them with a visual as well as interactive way to learn about your trip. Another cool feature of Relieve, is that if you reached a landmark or scenic view, a photo you took can be displayed during the presentation. Relive is a fun and interactive way to share trips with your family and friends.


Rather than just telling someone you went to or traveled through such a city, why not just show them exactly where you were through the use of maps, data, images and videos? This is exactly what Relive allows people to do. Want to share a hike or bike adventure you took with family and friends but don’t really now how you can explain it, other than saying you biked 30 miles or hiked 10 miles up a mountain today?


Relive has already been used by Tour de France bike race participants to highlight and share their journey as they race throughout France. You can download Relive on your mobile smart phone and begin using it. Currently the company has not yet made a profit, but has over half a million people using it. Thousands of videos are also made daily with the Relive program.