Samsung Recalls Note 7 Due to Faulty Battery

In an unexpected move by Samsung, the company has announced that it will recall their newly released and well-received Galaxy Note 7. The news comes after 35 reported cases of fires and explosions occurring while the handset was charging. Samsung announced the worldwide recall after completing its investigation into the reports of issues with its newest smartphone.
Samsung has announced that their investigation was able to identify a faulty battery as the cause for the incidents and says that they have been able to trace the defective batteries to one supplier, which they have not named. The batteries in question represent only 0.1 percent of the 2.5 million smartphones that have been sold, meaning most of the phones are still safe for consumers to use.
The recall comes at a bad time for the Samsung as its major competitor, Apple, plans to debut their new iPhone later this month. Samsung has just started to see sales climbing again after they had declined slowly over the past several years. The sales increase has been attributed of the success of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, which dominated the market earlier this year. The Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s most recent smartphone, combines the functionality of a tablet with the versatility and comfort of a smartphone. The phone has been praised by consumers and critics alike.
As part of the recall measures, Samsung has currently halted sales and shipments of the Note 7 and will offer replacements for the defective products already sold within the next several weeks. They are currently working with cell phone service providers to outline a strategy to address the recalls. Most phones will only need a new battery, but they want to ensure continuing consumer confidence in their product. The company says they will go above and beyond what is required to address the problem in order to ease the minds of concerned customers.
The cost will be extensive for Samsung, but company representatives state that customer safety is their top priority and that they will continue to produce products their customers keep returning for. The details of how the recall will be handled have not been released, but will be announced as soon as Samsung works out the details with retailers.