Don’t Soak Your Samsung S7 Active, Consumer Reports Says

Consumer Reports is disputing Samsung’s claim that one of its S7 phones is water resistant.

Samsung advertises its S7 Active as being water resistant, able to survive for a half-hour in up to five feet of water. In its commercials, rapper Lil Wayne is seen pouring champagne over the phone and dropping it into a fish tank.

Consumer Reports, after recent testing, doesn’t agree.

The organization, known for its testing of a variety of name-brand products, does not recommend the Active. Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports’ director of electronics testing, said that Samsung’s advertising is usually “fairly good” and was surprised that the Active failed its water-resistance test. She noted that only two phones were tested and both failed, with bubbles seen on the camera lenses.

Samsung promised users that it would look into the review. “The Samsung Galaxy S7 active device is one of the most rugged phones to date and is highly resistant to scratches and IP68 certified,” the company said in a written statement. “There may be an off-chance that a defective device is not as watertight as it should be.”

Consumer Reports noted that its other S7 phones, the Galaxy and the Edge, passed the water-resistance test and are rated as excellent. The S7 Active, according to the report, excels in other tests, but cannot be recommended due to Samsung’s alleged false claims.