Galaxy S8 Undergoing Rigorous Testing

After Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 crashed and burned last year, the company is working hard on their latest venture, the S8. The new smartphone is set to hit the market soon, and company leaders have been happy to share their testing techniques with the public. Most importantly, they want everyone to know that the phones are completely safe to use, and they feel that these new products will be able to stand out in a highly competitive market.


Samsung employees have been testing the battery of the S8 to ensure that the overheating problems never occur again. The battery testing process has become more rigorous, and it now exceeds traditional standards set by the industry.


The battery in the Galaxy S8 has a capacity of 3,000 mAh (with the S8 Plus having a capacity of 3,500 mAh.) In comparison, the S7 Edge from last year had a 3,600 mAh battery. This is one tweak that was made with safety in mind.


While lowering the capacity, Samsung still promises that the S8 battery will have long-lasting life. Customers should be able to get a full (or nearly full) charge on their phones even after months of use and hundreds of charging cycles.


Additionally, the S8 is set to include the latest Bluetooth technology. It will be the first phone on the market to include Bluetooth 5 technology, which doubles data-transfer speeds and quadruples transmission range from predecessors.


With a large screen, sensitive touch capability, and a high-quality camera, the S8 has many features that should attract attention. Samsung knows, however, that people want to feel safe with their smartphones, so for right now, they’re focusing on these battery tests and other quality checks. They want to be able to assure people that they’ll be able to take their phones with them wherever they go without having to worry about any battery issues.