Securus for Holiday Video Visitation

Securus has continually been something that I have used in the past because of the fact that a good friend of mine has been in prison for several years. Securus is actually a superior video visitation service that is being used by thousands upon thousands of people. One of the main reasons a lot of people are using secure is right now is because of the fact that it allows people to keep in touch during the holiday season.


During the Christmas season, you are going to find that it is very beneficial for you to keep in touch with your loved one in prison using the Securus method, and this is why so many people have made use of it themselves. Not only does this allow you to feel closer to your loved one who is in prison, but it also enables that person to feel a warmth and sense of closeness to the family just because of the fact that you are using video visitation services. This is a great option for so many individuals who would like to be able to get the most out of their visitation with a loved one and this is great for anyone who has a loved one behind bars.


When my good friend was in prison themselves, I found that using Securus allowed us to feel as close as possible because of the fact that it was clear and quality video at all times. This meant that we were able to see each other very clearly without having to worry about poor quality video and this enabled us to really feel a sense of closeness that we hadn’t felt for quite some time. I could definitely see how beneficial this type of video visitation can be during the holiday season when you would otherwise want that person to be close with you right in your comfort of your own home.


Using Securus is also quite easy and it is easy for you to get the hang of making use of it each and every day. Video visitation with your loved one in prison is very easy to do when using Securus. During the holiday season, this is especially beneficial for you and your loved ones and can be exactly what you need each and every day when you want to keep in better touch with your friend or relative who happens to be behind bars.


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Securus Is Bringing An Inmate Home For Christmas Through Video Visitation

To say that I’m impressed to watch an inmate see his child open Christmas gifts is an understatement. I guess I’m behind on how technology is working now because I thought that video chat was only for people who had the proper kind of phone or tablet. Apparently, Securus has created the technology to allow inmates to chat with their family members too, which I think is absolutely awesome. I love seeing the face of the father who was watching his child, and I could tell that he was just so proud and happy to be in that very moment.

There is no doubt that the inmate knew he’d be missing these moments with his child, but being able to enjoy Christmas time with his family by using video chat is fantastic for him, and I’m happy to see that this type of technology is being implemented in prisons. In my opinion, many prisoners become unhappy as well as more irritable if they don’t see their family members for a long time, so having video chat can help to ease that longing. I feel that Christmas time is meant for families, so having Securus bringing families together for that special time of year is a good thing.

In the past, visitation had to be done in person, or it was possible to talk to an inmate over the phone. Securus has combined the phone visitation with a personal visitation to create video chat, which allows video visitation with an inmate. I can’t say enough about this technology because I think it’s absolutely wonderful, especially since it still allows inmates to use the technology at Christmas time. There are so many people who would love to visit their family members during Christmas, but long lines, traffic, and lack of money may prevent it.

It only takes a small amount of money to get access to Securus’ technology to do video chat, so I believe that it’s worth every dime and will definitely help to bring families closer to an inmate who they may not have seen for years. Although I don’t know anyone in jail at this time, I’m open to using the technology should the need ever arise, especially since it can be used through my phone, which is very convenient. I can even choose to make a future appointment through Securus if I want to talk to an inmate on my time, which is also very cool.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.