White Shark Media Is Determined To Address Their Customer Complaints

White Shark Media has had its share of customer complaints. The leading Digital Marketing Agency serves both small and medium-sized businesses by offering them tailored online marketing solutions. Over the years, the firm has zeroed in on addressing the various complaints raised by the consumers. This situation has given them a platform to transform their weaknesses into strength. The most common complaint raised by the customers was that they were losing touch with their AdWords Campaign. In addition, White Shark Media realized that their reporting procedures were not adequate for small companies to review their reports. To solve this situation, the company started providing clients with comprehensive explanation of how their campaigns work.

Customers had trouble getting in touch with their contact persons. To address this challenge, White Shark Media introduced phone systems with direct extensions. In addition, they implemented scheduled monthly meetings where clients could review their results for the past thirty days. The company ensures that it uses all the successful aspects of the existing campaigns of new clients to provide a better performing campaign to prevent cases of old ones working better than the new ones. Additionally, the company has assigned professionals to supervise not more than 5 SEM strategists, who oversee all campaigns and provide feedback on their performance.

White Shark Media can review all SEO proposals provided by the client’s SEO Company to prevent their clients from unnecessary spending on vendors. To ensure that contact persons are in tune with customers’ needs, senior SEM consultants follow up on the client throughout the entire process. They are also available for answering questions raised by consumers. Some clients expressed the need for having their own accounts. White Shark Media implemented a new procedure where campaigns are developed from scratch on new accounts for new clients. The company also enabled call tracking, conversation tracking and free of charge Google Analytics to ensure that clients track their results and enable the firm optimize AdWords campaigns for better results. Lastly, the company has partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking services for every client since most customers enquire via phone.

About White Shark Media

White Shark has been named among the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. The company credits this recognition to their continuous provision of affordable Search Marketing Campaigns and incomparable customer experience. Three entrepreneurs who were highly experienced in both online and offline marketing established the company in 2011. They were motivated by their undying need to conquer the developing SMB market in Latin America and the U.S. by offering unique products and services. After collaborating with Google in 2011 during the Google HQ in Mountain View California, White Shark Media was awarded the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in 2014