Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics at the Forefront of Cancer Research

Pretty much everyone knows someone who has battled cancer or has faced it themselves. As people grow to live longer and longer due to advances in healthcare, cancer will only become more and more common. It can be challenging to fight cancer both medically and emotionally, but it isn’t a battle patients and their loved ones have to fight alone. Individuals and companies such as Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are working hard to come up with new and improved treatment options for battling cancer. At Seattle Genetics, the leadership board knows that every cancer is different and requires specifically targeted drugs and treatment options tailored to each individual’s disease for the greatest chance of success.

At Seattle Genetics, they focus on developing new and innovative monoclonal antibody treatment options for genetics. Antibodies are normal parts of the immune system that help to remember infections we have seen before. Antibodies identify and bind to various foreign targets and intruders. Once bound, they signal white blood cells to eat and destroy these dangerous invaders. Seattle Genetics works to use these antibodies in such a way that has them bind to cancer cells, in addition to infections, allowing the body’s immune system to home in on and destroy the cancer cells. Whereas other forms of treatment just blast the site with radiation and chemotherapy destroying everything in site, cancer or not, these monoclonal antibody treatments are specifically targeted for the destruction of that individuals specific cancer.

Furthermore, the antibody treatments can be tagged with drug molecules to not just light up the cancer cell for white blood cells to destroy, but also to carry drugs to the target on the back of the antibody. This can deliver the drug to specific cancer cells instead of trying to generally irradiate a region of the body, as older treatments have.

Clay Siegall is the leader of this innovative company. Bringing decades of experience to Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall combines the injection of new and innovative ideas administered with the veteran leadership and experience necessary to see them develop to their potential. Siegall is a shining role model for all biotech companies and the goals they wish to achieve.