Smart Lighting is All About Simplicity

Human intelligence is undeniably one of the most powerful intelligences on the planet. We’re not speaking about IQs here but a more refined way of thinking. The most intelligent thinkers created the most simple processes and systems. That’s what being smart boils down to, simplicity. Despite our human intelligence we still forget to do even the most simple things, like turning off the lights when we leave the office. Forgetfulness holds no bearing on intelligence, it just makes us human. We have so many thoughts going on, that it actually makes sense that some things would slip our minds from time to time. Thanks to the creation of smart lighting it doesn’t matter where you are, you can turn off the lights in your home or workspace easily. This type of intelligence was born out of the need for increased energy conservation as well as the understanding that we live in a time of technological innovations that can make our lives and businesses run much easier than ever before. Smart lighting uses sensors in Gooee’s LED lighting that allows us to not only track our usage but also to seamlessly manage it using cloud based technology.

Gooee has a team of specialists in lighting and software who have created applications that supports smart lighting so that businesses can make their buildings more efficient by conserving up to 90% more energy than they have in the past. The team at Gooee definitely demonstrates the simplicity that comes from intelligence by helping business leaders and their workers free up their minds from worrying about energy conservation so that they can actually focus on running and maintaining a profitable business. It doesn’t get much more intelligent than that.