‘Disappearing Stories’ Debut On Instagram

Facebook has long been searching for a way to compete with the Snapchat app. After two tries that failed, Facebook is attempting to beat Snapchat at its own game again. Instead of trying to purchase Snapchat for $3 billion (Facebook made the offer in 2013) or launching the Slingshot Snapchat app (a 2014 attempt), Facebook has headed to Instagram to launch Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a brand new feature that allows users to share various moments of the day, beyond what users would usually share in their Facebook profiles. Instagram Stories also keeps people from worrying about sharing too much information, because the “story” will disappear after 24 hours. Until now, this was a feature that make Snapchat stand out.

This tech move was a smart one on Facebook’s part, since it adds a desirable feature to an app that was already very popular. Users don’t have to download anything new, which means that 500 million people will be able to use Instagram Stories right away.

Instagram Stories is also a great idea because it allows people to post without the information becoming part of their permanent social media record.

Instagram Stories is available to both iOS and Android users, and is utilized by tapping the a+ symbol at the top left of the screen, or swiping left from anywhere in a user’s news feed to add a video or photo. Instagram also allows users to draw on their “story” or add text to make the story particularly interesting or memorable.

The Biggest News Story in Social Media This Week

If you missed the latest news in tech, Newsbeat on BBC is a great way to stay in touch. Two days ago, Newsbeat reported breaking news that Snapchat had developed “Memories,” a new update that will give user the ability to use old photos and videos. The update, which builds on current app capabilities that can only hold onto pictures for 24 hours, will potentially have a huge impact on the app that 150 million people use every day.

This app will give people the ability to sift through old photos and combine them into albums that they can share with their friends and family on special occasions in a way that Snapchat was not originally envisioned to. Until now, users have had to save their photos onto their own phones and be willing to take up personal storage space in their phones. They’ve also had to screenshot photos sent to them from friends, which can sometimes be less than desirable when you have that white countdown in the corner of all of those photos.

The new update will be released over the next month, but Snapchat said the app will be released selectively. Hopefully, Snapchat looks at numbers and chooses to send this update to the people who use the app the most regardless of who they are instead of limiting the app’s update release to well-known and wealthy Snapchat users.

Only time will tell, but Snapchat’s “Memories” is definitely the biggest news story in social media this week.

Secret Messages on Facebook?

You may have heard today that Facebook is going to soon start testing a new feature in its Messenger app that deletes messages after a period of time, challenging Snapchat as the lone force in that field of technology and communication.

I’m 22, but I have always preferred actual face-to-face conversations because there are things you can’t get on a Facebook message but even sometimes on a phone call. I have always loved getting and writing actual, physical letters in the mail as opposed to nice emails. I have always preferred at least a phone call but preferably even Skype or FaceTime to text conversations in general, but especially when it was about an issue that could really have some cool opportunities for personal growth if we at least heard each other’s voices.

So, for me as a young person, the news that Facebook is developing an app to make messages secret and disappear is exciting because it means that emotional conversations we had on Facebook when we thought that was our only option or even just stupid times could be erased. However, it makes me wish there were some way for us to start creating ways for basic, face to face communication to be the popular way to communicate or some way to make writing actual letters as cool as disappearing messages on a social media app.

CFO Portia Kersten Proud of Her Work at Skout

Skout, an interactive meeting app, is a growing company that helps people connect. Portia Kersten is the CFO of this innovative app. Managing money is her business now, she grew up poor with an imagination. She loved books and the fictional world. She is a creative and efficient financial leader, who has helped raised capital for other companies. Her experiences range from companies like GE to start up companies.

As the financial leader of a successful start up, Kersten will tell you that work-life balance can be difficult. She has to prioritize personal and work because helping to run a start-up can be demanding. Her time at Skout has been engaging, and she enjoys working with the talented and dedicated staff. The downside is trying to stay ahead of the market to make sure the app stays current.

As a woman CFO of a start up company, Kersten has embraced her set of challenges and has her lessons to share. Be confident, embrace change, and don’t let others define you are some of these lessons she has learned as a woman in her field. She credits herself and her mentor, Robin Wolaner, for her success. She helps to spread her success with mentoring other young women who have entered the field.

She is proud of her job at Skout. Her contribution to help the growing community online has helped the app grow. She feels like the Skout Philippines community has been an excellent example of how the app has helped to bring people together.

Skout is a highly successful online app that brings people together in a safe way. The app celebrates unique and fun holidays like Superhero’s Day and Potato Chip day. When the member sends gifts on certain holidays, the app donates a portion of the proceeds back to the community. They feel that they need to reinvest in the community that they helped to build.

Skout allows people to connect through possible connections, games, surveys, and other fun ways. Members can give gifts through the app and form social groups. It is a fun and safe way for people to build connections.

Read more at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-dunn/women-in-business-portia_b_7168318.html


Microsoft’s Skype For Business SDK Available for Integration in the iOS and Android Business Apps

Microsoft has sort to open up Skype to businesses. On May 19, 2016, the company launched new tools for Skype for Business SDK that will allow Android and iOS developers to integrate skype’s messaging, voice and audio capabilities into their mobile applications. The strategy will enable other business consumers using other platforms to have the Skype’s communication experience. The SDK will allow the developers to focus on building their products with unique features.

The Microsoft’s solution is meant for larger enterprises. However, message-focused startups have focused their resources towards generating revenue from this opportunity. Such organizations include chat tools provider Sendbird. The Skype for Business SDK will continue to use Microsoft’s existing layer such as the Skype for Business Online and Business Server depending on whether the company has deployed Unified Communications on their servers.

A review of the SDK shows that the integrations will be well suited for "remote advisor" functionality. The SDK will highly benefit the businesses who want to interact with their customers remotely over tablets and mobile phones through video chat, call or chat. Think about the advantages this SDK will have to the health sector. It will help the medical practitioners to share and review medical records. Send messages, lab results and more. Patients, on the other hand, can schedule an appointment with doctors in real-time chats or video calls. According to Microsoft, if a business is licensed for Skype for Business Online or Business Server, it will not incur additional costs for using SDKs.

Darius Fisher is an Innovative Digital Marketer Says PRWeek

Darius Fisher may have done more for the world of digital marketing than many realize. The editorial staff at PRWeek do understand the trendsetting impact he is having on the industry. The publication named Fisher to its Innovation 50 list, a list that honors people who have made significant contributions to the digital marketing world. Specifically, these are people who have shown to have innovated something new and creative. Fisher’s work in the much-needed field of reputation management definitely falls under the category of innovative. PRWeek wants the whole world to know about it.

Fisher worked in the past as a copywriter, which entails the art of crafting psychologically and emotionally-appealing advertising text. In the modern digital marketing landscape, a great deal of copywriting is intended to support serious online marketing campaigns. With online marketing, branding is very important as good branding helps define a business or entrepreneur in the public’s eye.

Sadly, negative news can reach the search engines. A person’s arrest, financial troubles, personal matters, or embarrassing activities end up being listed in the search engines. Now, damage control is necessary. Reputation management is one way, an effective way, harmed reputations can be fixed.

In 2012, Darius Fisher co-founded the reputation management company Status Labs. From its main headquarters in Austin, TX, Status Labs has helped clients all over the world work on fixing the disastrous scenario of the first page of Google results displaying embarrassing info. A lot of deliberate effort is required to fix search engine woes. Skillful digital marketing strategies are among them and Darius Fisher and his staff know what to do.

Fisher has garnered a lot of press for his work and deservedly so. His approach to reputation management is thoughtful and viable. PRWeek knows this and the magazine has chosen to add his name to a very prestigious industry list. Clients also know this as reflected by the huge volume of revenue Status Labs is generating. 2015 revenue figures revealed massive growth. A company that has served 1,500 clients across the globe definitely is going to generate solid revenues. Darius Fisher’s vision and management skills, innovative skills, contributed greatly to these achievements.

PRWeek knows this and chose to honor him for his success.

Status Labs And Their Success In The Last Year

Status Labs is a hugely successful online reputation management company who has helped all kinds of high profile individuals and business owners attain the growth that they need to succeed. As a public relations firm and digital marketing company as well, they understand the growth needed to attain a following and maintain an online reputation. Their growth for the past year in 2015 was a huge success because of their approach to business and how they handle all aspects of marketing. The company has had a growth revenue of up to 39 percent from 2014 and up to 939 percent since they were first founded back in 2012.

They are most known for attaining such success because of their growth in using the most innovative and dynamic marketing tactics throughout the digital media. Their continued focus on client acquisition and retention is what sets them apart from the other companies in the industry.

Signing up more than 160 new clients all across the globe in different industries like politics, beauty, real estate, finance, and other markets, they are continuing to grow and flourish in this business using the most innovative tactics in the digital world. Status Labs has been in business for many years, and they know that they can solve a variety of different issues that are found in most campaigns for different business owners. They also work with a wide variety of clientele, whether they are Fortune 500 companies or a local shop looking to maintain their reputations.

In the past year, they have grown their list of employees by more than 12 percent to help keep up with the demands of being in this industry and having so man by new clients jump in.

2016 is going to be an even more amazing year for the company. Status Labs is extremely successful because of their digital marketing strategies that provide real results and can help you achieve massive growth in this industry. Status Labs has grown over the past few years, and they will continue to grow as they build their marketing platforms and reach out to more business owners.