Creators of Sense Hub Looking into New Software

Home Hub Sense Company Turns Towards Software

The workers who were once part of the Mozilla team have been busy with their own special projects. Software is what that kind of project is about.

Andreas Gal, who was a former Mozilla worker and co-founder of a company called Silk Labs, decided to turn some attention towards the smart home market by founding a hub called “Sense.” The hub works by operating with all of the connected devices inside a home while also learning the patterns and behavior of the home owners over time. Sense was funded heavily by way of a Kickstarter campaign which helped develop community interest.

As of this Wednesday, however, Sense has decided to back out of selling its own hardware and is now focusing on marketing its software to the world. The company decided to refund money to any Kickstarter backers who were originally lending their support to Sense’s hardware. Kickstarters have donated $164,885 towards the project but this was proven to not be enough in order to maintain it. The fact that Amazon expanded its Echo Line of speakers, the competition for interactive home technology has only gotten stiffer since Sense hit the ground in February of this year.

Sense has now decided to take an approach on marketing new software, including data processing with the Silk platform that would help generate interest in making and buying the hardware and licensing it for their own products.