Spark Tank announces their second winner

Venture capitalists have a tremendous impact on the world. They locate small businesses with big ideas, and they give them the funding the need to grow. Venture capitalists have helped numerous businesses get the funding they need to reach the next level.

Our lives have been forever changed by the products that have been funded by venture capitalists.

According to CrunchBase, Marc Sparks is one of the leading venture capitalists in the country. Throughout his career, Marc has helped fund numerous brilliant start-ups. He knows the funding process inside and out, and he knows this process is great at finding the best possible investment.

Recently, Marc started trying to give back to the world, but he wanted to do it in an efficient manner. Applying the process he uses every day as an investor seemed like the logical thing to do, so Marc launched Spark Tank. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Spark Tank is a competition between charities throughout the Dallas area. Philanthropies are asked to submit an application to Spark Tank. The application gives key details about the organization, including the leadership structure and their mission. Marc and his team look over each application carefully and invite the three best philanthropies in the applicant pool to the finale.

The final round of each Spark Tank phase is extremely simple. Each of the three philanthropies has an opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of judges. During this final round, the judges are allowed to ask any question. The questions are meant to find out which charity would produce the most social good for the area.

The judges quickly come to a decision and pick a charity to receive $5,000. Marc Sparks loves this process because it locates charities that need help and can do good, and the process is over quickly.

The Spark Tank process is having an enormous impact on the Dallas community. Spark Tank has already successfully funded one charity, and recently announced the second Spark Tank winner, Mommies in Need. Mommies in Need is a truly unique philanthropy.

They provide great nannies to families that need childcare support because of a family health emergency. The nannies are provided at no-cost and they ensure that families can get through the emergency.

Mommies in Need was honored to win the latest Spark Tank. They want to put the mommy to good use in the community. They are looking for a nanny trained in special needs and a bilingual nanny. The money will make a major impact on families that are suffering a health crisis.

Spark Tank is an incredible program. Marc Sparks is able to locate truly unique philanthropies that are trying their best to change their community. Marc hopes to keep Spark Tank running for years to come.