NFL good for seasoned sports bettors, novices should focus on other sports

In the world of professional sports betting, few sports see as much money flowing through the coffers as NFL football. The NFL is perhaps the most popular sport in the United States, and it’s certainly the most popular when measured by average viewership of individual games. This makes for a lucrative combination for those seasoned professionals who are capable of winning year in and year out from betting sports. But just as new entrepreneurs are well advised to pick small, low competition industries in which to start their business, the same can be said for those new to sports betting. There are a lot of reasons to love betting on the NFL, but more often than not it won’t be the best choice for a novice looking to break into sports investing as a career.

Big money means big competition

There are two main features that distinguish the NFL from all other bets you’ll find in the sports book. The first is the very low number of games. Almost all games are played on Sunday or Monday and the vast majority of those will be on Sunday. Very rarely will a team play more than one time in a week. In practice, this means there are very few contests relative to other sports like the NBA or MLB. The relative scarcity of games means that there will simply be much fewer opportunities to find incorrect NFL odds. The best pros can handle this with super-accurate models and huge bankrolls that can pick out the tiniest edges and ride out the swings that come with making those bets. A new player will not have those luxuries.

The second distinguishing feature of the NFL is the enormous attention that single games get. This is a direct consequence of fewer games running. What it means in practice is that the lines will often be much closer to accurate because so much money and so much brainpower is going into analyzing each game. For these reasons it’s far better for new sports bettors to concentrate on lower volume, higher frequency sports like NCAA basketball or MLB baseball.

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