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Notre Dame Athletics In Fighting Form

matt landis notre dame

Nothing can compare to college football. While the high school games are super, college games are even more exciting. What is also nice is that they lack the big-time money and celebrity players from the professional format. The enthusiasm the game generates from fans cannot compare to much else, somehow like what was experienced at the football season opening game at the University of Notre Dame recently. This was the long awaited game between the Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish and the Texas Longhorns and worth it as Notre Dame won 38-3.
matt landis photo

The fall practice is not just for eager fans but it also is used to assist players to get comfortable with the pace, game terms and basic routines. Beginning his 27th season with the Fighting Irish as dedicated coach, Kevin Corrigan is responsible for the university’s men’s lacrosse program reaching extraordinary goals and the new season is full of promising new talent.
matt landis locker room
One young man with no complaints about putting in at least 30 hours weekly of practice is defenseman Matt Landis. The newest member of the Fighting Irish is athletically gifted and is aware of what is expected of him on the field. While enrolled at Pelham Memorial he enjoyed time on the hockey and football teams. While a sophomore and junior, the youngster was also the football team’s star defensive MVP all-state linebacker due to his skills, fitness and ability to work as a team member. Landis was also bestowed with the honor of the week’s Atlantic Coast Conference Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player early in 2015.
matt landis pelham
Matt Landis decided to attend Notre Dame not only for its impressive scholastic and sporting programs but it is a school community that bonds well together. He also realizes that a Notre Dame education is something that he will use every day of his life. Besides putting in the hours of football practice he also is focusing hard on his classes for his chosen major in finance.

Like we witness every year, football fans are getting ready for what they feel is to be the best ever season. With training, patience and lots of practice, it definitely will be. While last year’s great players may be gone, the Fighting Irish have much to cheer about currently, particularly with players like Matt Landis. To read