Tony Petrello earns big money for big performance

Since its restructuring in 1988, Nabors Industries has become one of the nation’s premier oil services companies. With over 500 land-based drilling operations on five continents, Nabors Industries has become the world’s largest operator of land-based drilling assets in the world.

The company had auspicious beginnings. In the late ‘50s, Nabors Industries was formed as a conglomerate to begin the exploitation of Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay oil fields. This would turn out to be a momentous discovery, eventually resulting in one of the most productive oil fields in North American history. Through the innovation and hard work of Nabors Industries and its employees, the Prudhoe Bay oil field would go on to generate great revenues for the state of Alaska. This was particularly beneficial to the local native populations, who had previously lived under grinding poverty in a state where jobs were scarce and opportunity was nowhere to be found.


But Nabors Industries fell on hard times throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. By 1988, the company was in chapter 11. Without the right leader, the company would have ceased to exist altogether. Management was desperately looking for the right man to lead the company into the future. In 1991, they found someone who they believed was the right match for Nabors Industries. A young mergers-and-acquisitions attorney named Tony Petrello had been working on a number of cases throughout the bankruptcy. He had a broad understanding of the oil services industry and had an incredible background with impressive credentials including a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and a MS in mathematics from Yale.


Over the next 20 years, Petrello would lead the company in a variety of executive roles. He was instrumental in following a new strategy that involved the development and implementation of hi-tech solutions specifically for the tough oil reserves that at that time were known to exist but were unextractable throughout North America. These included the reserves in the Bakken Shale formation throughout North Dakota and parts of Alberta as well as the Alberta tar sands. This strategy would prove to be highly propitious. As the North American shale and tar sands began to take off, Nabors Industries was positioned to benefit enormously from these reserves.

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The Success Stories at Nine9 that You Should Know About

John L – Talent ID: 129454

So far, John has experienced amazing success at Nine9. He recently got a spot at an upcoming online show. After signing up, it only took two months for him to receive notification and the Extra role. Thus far, the experience has been good. However, he still does have to update his professional shots. He is quite grateful. See Photos .

Cali C – Talent ID: 129083

Since she joined Nine9 a while back, she has learned a lot. One aspect she remembers about Nine9 is the Meet & Greet instructors. The photo shoot that she held with Greg Daniels was quite awesome. Besides that, she remembers the staff being fantastic. After working with Nine9, she says that she has been getting responses for her casting applications. Thus far, everything is quite exciting and she is just waiting to see where it all leads.

Jordan S – Talent ID: 116180

When she started at Nine9, it took quite a while for her to book roles. She was sending resumes everywhere but there were no responses. After joining Nine9, she has managed to book three acting in just the last two months. Besides that, she has been booked for promotional modeling. Amazingly, one of the gigs she got has found its way to the Sundance festival. According to her, the success at Nine9 will not come overnight. However, it is a step in the right direction. Read Blog Post Here  .

About Nine9

99% of all actors and models are not represented by an agency. That is where Nine9 comes in. The company provides these aspiring models and actors with the tools they need for their career to take off. When the company was started in 2003 that was the mission. Many years later, it has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in castings. It makes the extra effort of developing talent, which the agencies are not willing to make. for more.