Acer Debuts “Big and Small” Laptops

Acer has always done a good job of carving out a nice niche as the “affordable” laptop company. Acer has put out a host of excellent products at reasonable prices. While Acer may not be the biggest name in the computer industry, Acer has done exceptional well in a highly competitive industry. Many people choose Acer as their preferred laptop maker. Acer is not a company known for producing gimmick products but, surprisingly, Acer has announced it will be releasing both a very thin and a very fat model to the consumer market.

Yes, this would seem like a departure from Acer’s traditional plans. Maybe Acer wants to try something different and see if the marketing approach works. There definitely is a market out their for “stylish” laptops. Acer may very well tap heavily into that market.

The two laptops soon to be released under the Acer product line will be the Swift 7 and the Predator 21 X. The former will only be about 1 cm thick and the latter will be around 10 cm thick. Yes, these are two very different laptops. Both likely will appeal to two very different customer bases. Sure, there are going to be collectors who would love to own both but the vast differences in the two laptops likely lead them to being preferred by different customers.

Someone who likes to travel a lot probably would benefit from a smaller laptop. The device is surely going to be a lot easier to carry than a big or bulky model. The smaller laptops could also work nicely as a secondary computer. Backups don’t have to be over-sized since they are not going to be used as much or as often.

The larger-sized computer might be fine for someone who wants something larger than a regular laptop, but not something as big as a desktop. These computers would look great in an office due to their large – yet not too large – dimensions.

Acer does deserve credit for trying something new. A common complaint levied against certain companies is they release the same type of product year in and year out. Nothing new or innovative ends up debuting in these companies catalogs. Acer clearly doesn’t want to fall under that category.