Squaw Valley Expansion Is Good Idea For Tahoe

The Squaw Valley Ski expansion has the conversations going in the town of Lake Tahoe. CEO Andy Wirth is working hard to help people understand the need for the expansion and help people to choose to believe in the redevelopment of transit in the area.

Andy is one of the individuals that is always speaking out and fighting to make Lake Tahoe area better. He is working for the individuals of the area and the development of the transportation and the transit system.

According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth and Amy Westervelt were happy to hear that the Placer County Planning Committee has given their thumbs up approval to move forward and take one step closer to acquiring the expansion.

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth works really hard to drive forward with helping Squaw Valley improve. The area is overrun with the need for new transit and the need for expansions. Read more: Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board 

Andy Wirth is one of the people that is helping the Tahoe-Reno airport. He works as Chairman and is helping the airport to re-evaluate everything from employees to flights to schedules. He is also helping them with marketing the airport and Nevada.

Andy and his wife live in the town of Truckee California. He is very lovingly spending the time to make sure his wife is happy as well as planning outings to increase their life and fun.

Andy Wirth was recently on the show “Undercover Boss”. He went on the show undercover as a person that was wanting to apply for a job. He started in the lower levels of employment and moved up until he was following the management teams.

After following the employees around he met with each of them and helped them with their lives. Many people would love this opportunity. Under cover or not, Andy is a wonderful man and is helping his community and the Tahoe area to improve.