Donald Trump Meets With Tech Leaders

Old Rivals Strike A Truce

President elect Donald Trump met with tech leaders to discuss ways to promote the American tech industry. This comes after an election in which the incoming President often bumped heads with the CEOs of many Silicon Valley companies. Trump often spoke of coercing tech companies into manufacturing their products in America and finding ways to shut down certain parts of the internet. However, it appears as if the meeting involved a sort of truce between Trump and tech leaders. The meeting ended with Trump offering the tech leaders a chance to personally call him.



The Bitter Rivalry

During the election Silicon Valley bumped heads with Trump on several key issues. Trump’s approach to internet surveillance and his opinions on the H1B visa program. Trump has stated that he wants to eliminate the H1B visa program as he believes tech companies are using it to exploit cheap labor and prevent Americans from working. His chief strategist Steve Bannon has also criticized the tech industry what he perceives is an overrepresentation of Asians amongst the leadership of Silicon Valley companies. However recent statements by big names in tech such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk may represent a shift in opinions.



A Better Outlook

The meeting between Trump and the tech leaders may represent a softening of Trump’s stances. During the meeting Trump claimed his administration will have no formal chain of command and urged tech CEOs to call him whenever they felt the need. There were some major names in tech missing from the meeting such as Twitter however. This news comes in addition to reports that he will have Elon Musk join an advisory team. Like many other tech leaders Elon Musk has criticized Trump in the past and voiced opposition to his policies. If Musk and Trump are able to work together perhaps the incoming administration can support the Silicon Valley as well.


Talk Fusion Review: A Powerful Marketing Tool And A Great Way To Earn Extra

Introducing Talk Fusion: The 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year

Talk Fusion is still growing quickly in popularity and has earned a spot on the list of the world’s top 10 video content creation sites. This innovative company boasts a versatile suite of video marketing products and services. It was founded by CEO Bob Reina. The wheels were started in motion for the idea in 2004 when he wanted to send a short video to friends using email. At the time, everyone said that it was impossible. He made it work. The idea for Talk Fusion came to fruition in 2007, and the company has now expanded into well over 80 countries.


Review Of Products And Services

Talk Fusion is ideal for any size or type of business. With its WebRTC technology, it operates smoothly. Overall, the different features are easy to learn and use. These are the main services and features:

  • Video email
  • Video newsletters
  • Live meetings
  • Video chat
  • Signup forms

For someone building a business online, Talk Fusion’s features cover the essentials for starting a solid foundation. From building your initial customer base to maintaining contact, the features make every task simpler. Let’s look at some important factors for an email marketing program.

Content Creation Interface

The main feature on the interface is the video creator. It is simple enough to use that you will not need a lengthy tutorial. After you record a video, you upload it to your library on your account. All of your videos are stored and organized, which makes it easy to insert them into presentations or correspondence when you need them. For example, you can create a how-to video if you want to market a new product that will grab the attention of your subscribers.

After you make the video, use the text creation feature to design a newsletter and add the video to it. Another benefit is the library of Talk Fusion’s pre-made videos. If you lack the time to make your own videos thanking customers for their purchases, welcoming a new customer or following up after feedback, Talk Fusion already offers you options for several topics.

Video Chat Compatibility

One of the most valuable features of Talk Fusion’s video chat feature is that you can talk to anyone regardless of what device they use. If you have spent time video conferencing in the past, you probably know the frustration of a delayed meeting due to technical difficulties and incompatibility issues with software programs. Being able to contact anyone when you need to is a relief and a time-saving business tool in today’s competitive world. The video chat app is available from iTunes or Google Play.


Useful Presentation Features

The video chat, live meeting and video creation features are all intuitive, which makes this program much easier to become comfortable with quickly. It is flexible in its scalability with live meetings. With capacity for up to 500 viewers, you can easily set up for a small or large audience. Talk Fusion’s live meeting feature integrates well with PowerPoint, live video streaming programs and other features to customize your meeting.

Compensation Plan Review

Like all high-quality services that make business operations simpler, Talk Fusion comes with a price. Before you write it off as another expense to face every month, it pays to learn about the unique silver lining. Talk Fusion offers a great compensation plan if you join, which gives you the chance to let the program pay for itself and possibly earn you some extra money.

Two of the most attractive features of the compensation plan are instant payments instead of quarterly or monthly payments and a global potential market. You become part of a team and can even build your own, which gives you more chances to earn with team bonus commissions. With these perks, you earn every time one of your team members makes money.

Company Review

With any communication or marketing service, two of the most important things to look for in a company are quality customer service and a support department that shows how well the company backs its services. In both areas, Talk Fusion measures up. You can contact the company through inquiry on the site, call during business hours or send them an email. Support requests are handled promptly if you have any technical issues or questions about the services.

Another bonus of joining and becoming part of a team with Talk Fusion is a wide network of support. Since your success is also their success, your team members and mentors are always ready to help you. Team members may be based in many countries across the globe, which also gives you valuable insight on foreign markets.

Pricing Structure Review

Most people are satisfied with the pricing structure for Talk Fusion. This is especially true for people who join and become team members. Several pricing plans are under $100 per month. You can choose a custom package, a competition package, a basic bundle or another option that fits your needs.

The custom package for $75 per month is one of the better values if you have moderate needs or a smaller business. A favorable bonus is that you get 5,000 email contacts with most packages to help you get started or expand an existing operation. Also, you can upgrade whenever you wish, and there are no long-term contracts required when you choose a plan.

Overall, Talk Fusion is a good value for the benefits it yields and the time it saves. Also, the company’s supportive structure is a win for entrepreneurs who want to lead a team and stay on an upward spiral. The company is also accredited with DSA and DSEI.

Watch the Talk Fusion educational YouTube video below:

Seattle Provides Top Incomes for Tech Professionals

The technology industry has been considered one of the best industries for finding a job for the past decade. Ever since the recovery from the bubble bursting, the tech industry has been improving and growing at a steady rate. Analysts, software developers, and other tech professionals are frequently sought by startups, established internet-based companies, and even traditional Fortune 500 firms.

While most people consider the Silicon Valley area of Northern California to be the epicenter of the tech industry, there are actually several other major cities located across the country that could provide more professional opportunities. A recent report ( has found that there are several large cities in the country that are competing for the best option for tech professionals in all stages of their careers.

According to the new study, the best city for those looking to enter the tech industry could be Seattle, WA. While Seattle has been known for its tech industry due to Microsoft and other software companies, it has taken a back seat over the past decade. However, that appears to be changing as it now boasts the highest starting salaries for software engineers (average starting salary of $100,000), quality analysts (average starting salary of $87,000), and data analysts (average starting salary of $73,000).

Overall, San Francisco and San Jose boast the highest starting salaries in the tech industry with a starting salary between $110,000 and $115,000. However, the city also is well known for having very high costs of living. When adjusted for costs of living, this market is ranked third behind Seattle and Austin, TX, with Austin having the highest salary when adjusted for cost of living. Some of the other cities located across the country that have high adjusted salaries for tech professionals include Chicago, Dallas, Boston, New York, Denver, and Minneapolis. While starting salary is an important indicator, it is also important that professionals consider the amount of opportunities in the city as well as the strength of the companies headquartered in the area.