Here Comes the Android Instant Apps

Google the tech giant has started rolling out the instants apps. During the developer conference known as the Google’s I/O developer that was held last year, Instant Apps for Android was tagged as a feature that would forever alter the way users use their mobile apps on their mobile devices.



According to the Android Developer blog, it was made known that the feature would be made accessible using a few apps as part of beta testing, through this users can participate in.



What do the phrase Android Instant Apps mean? Through the use of the Instant App feature, users will have an opportunity to download and run apps on their android gadgets such as tablets as well as smartphones. The users can do all this without having to install the apps.



While the users are visiting particular websites, the may come across an invitation to download a mobile app instead of using the website. The app will enable the streamlined mobile device experience to get to access the website content, however, the user can forego the installation process of the app and instead access the browser version of the website.



Through the use of the Instant Apps technology, the Android apps will load immediately on the android devices. While it may not be as fast as accessing the website the whole process will take just a few seconds. This will be much faster compared to downloading the app and installing it first. In order to benefit from this technology the developers will need to update their apps to include this functionality, this is because the Instant Apps utilizes the same technology found in the Android apps.



The feature is opened for limited testing just about 8 months after it was revealed, however, it is opened for the limited testing only. The initial apps to use this feature will be those Periscope, BuzzFeed, Viki as well as Wish. During this testing period, the android team will be collecting feedback from the user who will be taking part in the testing this amazing feature with the aim of expanding to more apps in the near future. There is also the room for the users who are interested in testing the Instant App, all they have to do id access the website of the initial apps offering this feature.


Tesla Committed To Bring Fully Self-Driving Capability to Its Vehicle In The Near Future.

Tesla world leading manufacturer of electric cars has always released groundbreaking technologies in the past. One of the most prominent technologies is the Tesla’s software timeline is autonomous driving. In the technology, there is enhanced autopilot that gives unique features and the full self-driving capability that regardless of its name it will not have a self-driving capability for a while, however, it could be beneficial to the royal Tesla drivers very soon.



In the past, Tesla had stated that it would be introducing the enhanced autopilot in December 2016 that was late because Tesla begun introducing is just recently, followed by updates every few months or weeks in the anticipation of the fully self-driving capability in the end of 2017.



This feature would be accessible to certain Tesla owners in the relation to the validation and regulatory permissions in various jurisdictions. For instance, the Michigan passed a law that would make it possible for the self-driving vehicles to be permitted in the public after passing the test.



Currently, Tesla sells the Enhanced Autopilot as well as Full Self-Driving ability. The Full Self-Driving will only be useful at least towards the end of 2017, a potential Tesla driver can save few dollars while buying the car this is because Tesla charges premium for activating this feature after delivery, apart from this there are other added advantages of but this feature, prior to Tesla is fully capable of delivering self-driving system.



The Tesla vehicles have 8 cameras, 1 radar, and 360-degress ultrasonic hardware suites, during the Enhanced Autopilot only have the cameras are enabled while the customers get the rest once they buy the Full Self-Driving functionality. Tesla believes that their Full Self-Driving that utilizes all the eight camera of the car is twice as good as the day to day average driver. Thus drivers should be a position to experience the difference between the technologies prior to Tesla introducing the level five autopilot in a vehicle.



Though there no available fully autonomous vehicle among the Tesla fleet. Tesla has begun introducing the initial stage of the Enhance Autopilot that is not as similar to the first generation of the autonomous system. However, the company makes continuous improvements with the help of the information that is sourced from the owners who has chosen the Full Self-Driving functionality above of the Enhanced Autopilot, these drivers will begin experiencing some improvement thus making full use of the hardware.




Beneficial Deception Keeps Users Happy

Software developers and designers employ various tactics to optimize user experience, but one seemingly devious tactic is quite helpful to both users and brand websites. The practice of beneficial deception isn’t new but tech writer Kaveh Waddell recently investigated the phenomenon after experiencing it himself. While filing his taxes he noticed that the Turbo Tax progress bars seemed a little quirky. They were running too smoothly and taking their time. He wondered if the program was actually double and triple checking his returns like it promised. He also wondered if it should take that long, considering that the program must have been processing the return as he was filling it out. Waddell was correct. The Turbo Tax progress bar was faking it.


After consulting with fellow techie Andrew McGill, the two looked through the program’s source code and found that it ran separately from the actual tax processing portion of the program. It also ran for the same length of time and in the exact same manner for every single Turbo Tax user. According to Turbo Tax, the delay and the bright animations help ease users’ tax anxieties. The graphics provide a bit of time for users to calm down, build confidence and trust the software. Although most other uses of beneficial deception hide faults or delays, the Turbo Tax program developers purposefully create a waiting period.


Not all of this is placed squarely on the developers, of course. User experience experts, test studies, control groups and human behavioral scientists also provide insight into optimal user experiences. This particular tactic, of extending a wait period, also serves to heighten user suspense and creates a more satisfying conclusion to an otherwise easily automated and instantaneous result. It seems people like feeling a little bit nervous, but only a little bit and for only a little while.


Talk Fusion Review: A Powerful Marketing Tool And A Great Way To Earn Extra

Introducing Talk Fusion: The 2016 WebRTC Product Of The Year

Talk Fusion is still growing quickly in popularity and has earned a spot on the list of the world’s top 10 video content creation sites. This innovative company boasts a versatile suite of video marketing products and services. It was founded by CEO Bob Reina. The wheels were started in motion for the idea in 2004 when he wanted to send a short video to friends using email. At the time, everyone said that it was impossible. He made it work. The idea for Talk Fusion came to fruition in 2007, and the company has now expanded into well over 80 countries.


Review Of Products And Services

Talk Fusion is ideal for any size or type of business. With its WebRTC technology, it operates smoothly. Overall, the different features are easy to learn and use. These are the main services and features:

  • Video email
  • Video newsletters
  • Live meetings
  • Video chat
  • Signup forms

For someone building a business online, Talk Fusion’s features cover the essentials for starting a solid foundation. From building your initial customer base to maintaining contact, the features make every task simpler. Let’s look at some important factors for an email marketing program.

Content Creation Interface

The main feature on the interface is the video creator. It is simple enough to use that you will not need a lengthy tutorial. After you record a video, you upload it to your library on your account. All of your videos are stored and organized, which makes it easy to insert them into presentations or correspondence when you need them. For example, you can create a how-to video if you want to market a new product that will grab the attention of your subscribers.

After you make the video, use the text creation feature to design a newsletter and add the video to it. Another benefit is the library of Talk Fusion’s pre-made videos. If you lack the time to make your own videos thanking customers for their purchases, welcoming a new customer or following up after feedback, Talk Fusion already offers you options for several topics.

Video Chat Compatibility

One of the most valuable features of Talk Fusion’s video chat feature is that you can talk to anyone regardless of what device they use. If you have spent time video conferencing in the past, you probably know the frustration of a delayed meeting due to technical difficulties and incompatibility issues with software programs. Being able to contact anyone when you need to is a relief and a time-saving business tool in today’s competitive world. The video chat app is available from iTunes or Google Play.


Useful Presentation Features

The video chat, live meeting and video creation features are all intuitive, which makes this program much easier to become comfortable with quickly. It is flexible in its scalability with live meetings. With capacity for up to 500 viewers, you can easily set up for a small or large audience. Talk Fusion’s live meeting feature integrates well with PowerPoint, live video streaming programs and other features to customize your meeting.

Compensation Plan Review

Like all high-quality services that make business operations simpler, Talk Fusion comes with a price. Before you write it off as another expense to face every month, it pays to learn about the unique silver lining. Talk Fusion offers a great compensation plan if you join, which gives you the chance to let the program pay for itself and possibly earn you some extra money.

Two of the most attractive features of the compensation plan are instant payments instead of quarterly or monthly payments and a global potential market. You become part of a team and can even build your own, which gives you more chances to earn with team bonus commissions. With these perks, you earn every time one of your team members makes money.

Company Review

With any communication or marketing service, two of the most important things to look for in a company are quality customer service and a support department that shows how well the company backs its services. In both areas, Talk Fusion measures up. You can contact the company through inquiry on the site, call during business hours or send them an email. Support requests are handled promptly if you have any technical issues or questions about the services.

Another bonus of joining and becoming part of a team with Talk Fusion is a wide network of support. Since your success is also their success, your team members and mentors are always ready to help you. Team members may be based in many countries across the globe, which also gives you valuable insight on foreign markets.

Pricing Structure Review

Most people are satisfied with the pricing structure for Talk Fusion. This is especially true for people who join and become team members. Several pricing plans are under $100 per month. You can choose a custom package, a competition package, a basic bundle or another option that fits your needs.

The custom package for $75 per month is one of the better values if you have moderate needs or a smaller business. A favorable bonus is that you get 5,000 email contacts with most packages to help you get started or expand an existing operation. Also, you can upgrade whenever you wish, and there are no long-term contracts required when you choose a plan.

Overall, Talk Fusion is a good value for the benefits it yields and the time it saves. Also, the company’s supportive structure is a win for entrepreneurs who want to lead a team and stay on an upward spiral. The company is also accredited with DSA and DSEI.

Watch the Talk Fusion educational YouTube video below: