Apple Joins a Quest for the Perfect Car

Until now, self driving car technology has been reserved for car dealerships and high profile tech companies. Today, Apple has confirmed work on these products, which are deviations from their usual line of phones and handheld gadgets. Nevertheless, Apple has a great deal of knowledge to add to the discussion. Their global positioning systems will be revolutionary in this day and age of guidance. Self driving cars need to navigate the road, and with Apple’s contributions, this might be closer than experts previously imagined. Google has openly welcomed them to the industry, claiming that their experience with digital media will go a long way in programming these vehicles. A small coalition of Apple’s designers will abandon phones and laptops for now and focus on this extensive project. The team will still operate at Apple headquarters, but they will have a large amount of resources at their disposal. The company will be funding this endeavor just like any other project within their corporation. If success ensues within a few years, they will construct entirely new facilities for these workers.


This is Apple’s first entrance into the automobile market. They are ready to partner with Toyota and Nissan for the first part of the fiscal year. If things go well, we should see technological process within a few years at the very maximum. In the quest for the perfect car, self driving cars are highly lauded as examples of flawless engineering. However, imperfections are bound to occur along the way. The executive board of Apple has recognized these setbacks, stating that the road to an ideal car is often oversimplified by the public and pundits. Using adaptations from handheld gadgets, Apple plans to take a unique approach to this problem. An integrated system of cars and navigation hubs will avoid confusion and reduce the possibility of a crash.


Seattle Provides Top Incomes for Tech Professionals

The technology industry has been considered one of the best industries for finding a job for the past decade. Ever since the recovery from the bubble bursting, the tech industry has been improving and growing at a steady rate. Analysts, software developers, and other tech professionals are frequently sought by startups, established internet-based companies, and even traditional Fortune 500 firms.


While most people consider the Silicon Valley area of Northern California to be the epicenter of the tech industry, there are actually several other major cities located across the country that could provide more professional opportunities. A recent report ( has found that there are several large cities in the country that are competing for the best option for tech professionals in all stages of their careers.


According to the new study, the best city for those looking to enter the tech industry could be Seattle, WA. While Seattle has been known for its tech industry due to Microsoft and other software companies, it has taken a back seat over the past decade. However, that appears to be changing as it now boasts the highest starting salaries for software engineers (average starting salary of $100,000), quality analysts (average starting salary of $87,000), and data analysts (average starting salary of $73,000).


Overall, San Francisco and San Jose boast the highest starting salaries in the tech industry with a starting salary between $110,000 and $115,000. However, the city also is well known for having very high costs of living. When adjusted for costs of living, this market is ranked third behind Seattle and Austin, TX, with Austin having the highest salary when adjusted for cost of living. Some of the other cities located across the country that have high adjusted salaries for tech professionals include Chicago, Dallas, Boston, New York, Denver, and Minneapolis. While starting salary is an important indicator, it is also important that professionals consider the amount of opportunities in the city as well as the strength of the companies headquartered in the area.