The Factors Behind YouTube’s Increased Views Over Television

With YouTube officially becoming the most viewed platform, there are a lot of questions regarding the cause of the surge of views. In order to find the answers, one could look at history and technology. When TV was invented, people have watched that over the cinemas. One of the reasons behind that is people have television in their homes. A similar thing can be said about YouTube and television. While people still watch TV in their homes, there are also people that are outside of home for different reasons. While they don’t have regular TV with them, they do have their smartphones, and smartphones have YouTube. Therefore, this is one factor.


The one major factor behind YouTube surpassing television with views is convenience. People are able to watch YouTube even in a desert as long as there is internet access. Then it is important to consider the fact that some people are even watching YouTube on television. When one looks at all of these factors, then it becomes obvious why YouTube is viewed a lot more than television. After all, this is the mobile age. Everything is made to be experienced while on the move. With smartphones becoming one of the main forms of entertainment, it is only fitting that online applications like YouTube would be the most viewed forms of entertainment.


Another major factor behind YouTube’s success is its affordability. All one has to do in order to get YouTube is pay for internet service. He could also use Wi-Fi for free with some carriers. Compared to satellite TV and cable TV, YouTube takes away the need to watch regular TV. This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many people are cutting satellite and cable TV service from their household.


One thing is for certain, the old way of watching television has become obsolete. The convenience of having a lot more control over the content that is viewed is something that is very attractive to viewers.

Television Will Not Go Anywhere

History repeats itself a lot with entertainment. There is a form of entertainment that comes in. Then a newer form of entertainment comes that takes some of the audience. However, there is still a place for both forms of entertainment because they both do something that the other doesn’t. For instance, while movie theaters provide a big screen and a social experience, people can watch shows in the comfort of their own home. At the same time, the convenience offered bytelevision is missing in movie theaters. It is similar with YouTube. YouTube offers a lot of convenience and control that is missing with television. However, television still offers a larger screen which makes things easier to read.


Even though a lot of people are watching YouTube over television, it is still safe to say that television is not going to disappear. For one thing, television is learning to adapt to the ages. Television has also adapted the use of streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. Therefore, people will still get to experience the convenience and control that they can get from YouTube on their larger devices. The only thing that is likely to go away is the broadcast TV option.


More people are enjoying the idea of being able to watch the shows they want at anytime. Instead of having to sit and wait in anticipation for what is going to happen in their favorite shows, people are now able to just pick a show and an episode. Then they just have to sit back and enjoy it. They also have more control over commercial breaks. Audiences could actually skip the commercial breaks depending on the type of account they have with their streaming services. When compared to more than 5 minutes worth of commercials, it is only fitting that people would want to switch to streaming services. After all, people want to have an uninterrupted experience with their shows. YouTube and other streaming offers that.