Appreciating The Illustrative Career Of Todd Lubar (UPDATED)

UPDATE – January 25th 2017 – Todd Lubar charging into 2017 as the President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, and also serves as the Sr. VP of Legendary Investments

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. He is also a senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd enrolled at the esteemed Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A in Speech Communication. Upon graduation, he ventured into the real estate industry. Later, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as a loan originator. Todd honed his skills in conservative mortgage banking. He used the opportunity to be acquainted with the real estate agents, financial planners, CPA’S, and insurance agents. Today, these individuals are playing a significant role as his business referrals.
After 4 years of dealing with mortgages, Lubar joined the Legacy Financial Group. He helped the company’s Maryland office to expand and become a major factor of production. The entity made a couple of 100 million dollars in loan volume. His duties at Legacy Financial Group provided him with an opportunity to improve his lending skills. In addition, Todd Lubar learned how to broker loans to external investors or through direct mortgage bank.
In 2002, Todd Lubar established a residential development firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. With over 200 transactions, the new company helped with rehabilitation, rapid progression of purchasing, and commercialization of all types of residential properties. They include single-family dwellings and multi-family properties. Through his engagement with building trade professionals, Todd Lubar was able to network with big banks. This way, he managed to receive credit that went to as high as $20 million.
His compelling drive in the mortgage-banking field saw him start a subsidiary company of First Magnus Financial Corporation, Charter Funding. By virtue of founding an affiliate company of the leading private mortgage companies in the U.S., Todd had developed a crucial platform. To this end, he was able to expand his firm’s portfolio owing to the overwhelming availability of products and programs.
With over 12 years of experience in the banking mortgage industry, Todd Lubar developed a veteran eye on the market shifts, which helped him start Legendary Financial LLC. This commercial company lends money to other corporations and individuals. It is an affiliate of the Legendary Properties, LLC. Through Legendary Financial LLC, Todd offers alternative financial solutions to the clients. He has a deep loaning experience. Lubar has been recognized among the top mortgage originators in the country. He has also worked in the demolition and recycling industry.

TDL Global Ventures President with Todd Lubar

Graduating from Syracuse University, Todd Lubar is a good hearted real estate agent and founding father of Legendary Properties, LLC and Charter Funding. With his great work ethic he doesn’t mind working long hard hours to ensure you and your family have a great home to live in. Being the father of 2 beautiful children he understands the value and importance of having a home, not a house, to grow a family in. Mr. Lubar’s life purpose is to serve the underserved population by giving them a place to call their own that is safe, inviting, and most important a home. He believes just because life pushed you down once, means you stand up, dust off the dust and keep moving one foot in front of the other.
Once Todd entered into the real estate lifestyle he took some time learning from the greats in order to give his customers later on the best service he could. He spent time learning from CPA’s, Real Estate Agents, insurance agents and financial planners. This is what his business is built on today and one of the many reasons why he is so successful. From the beginning he cared about his customers and did whatever he could to serve them well.
Todd Lubar now has twenty-one years of experience and is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC located in Bethesda, Maryland . TDL Global Ventures was established in 2013 and is focused on helping those who are in need. As one who understands what it means to start at the bottom and work your way up he is hoping to give back to his community.
Todd Lubar’s first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation which he worked for Crestar for 4 years until he could move up in the real estate world. His second step up was at Legacy Financial group where he helped grow the business into what it is today. The biggest and best step up into the real estate is where his dreams came true getting to be the President of TDL Global Ventures and serve the population he has always dreamed of helping.

Todd Lubar’s Secret to Success in the Real Estate

Todd Lubar’s passion for real estate began early in life. Immediately after graduating from Syracuse University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication, Lubar joined the real estate industry. He plunged into the field in 1995, and he has not looked back since. His first engagement in the industry was with Crest Star Mortgage Corporation where he served as a loan originator. During his time at the corporation, Todd Lubar gained experience in conservative mortgage banking. This experience would prove very beneficial in the leadership positions he held at top firms several years later.

Currently, Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures, a leading firm in the real estate industry. He is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Lubar has the reputation of producing results. His immense experience in the real estate sector has helped firms make huge profits. While he worked at the Maryland Office of top firm Legacy Financial Group, he led the company to produce loans worth hundreds of millions of dollar annually. His other past leadership positions have been with such companies as Charter Funding where he served as vice president and Priority Financial Services where he led his team to productive results money mortgage origination.

Lubar’s secret to success is his passion for delivering consistently good results and his commitment to developing positive relationships with his clients. He also works hard to cultivate friendships with other firms in the real estate business. By keeping a cordial relationship with real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners, Lubar gets good business as a result of referrals. His consistency in producing positive results has earned him a spot in the top 25 mortgage originators for many years. In an industry known for stiff competition, Todd Lubar knows what it takes to stay at the top.