Chinese bus with elevated frame can bypass traffic from above

For some time, the concept of a road-straddling Chinese public transportation vehicle capable of completely bypassing traffic below had been floating around the web. The purported fusion of a train and a bus that could potentially make rush hour traffic a nonfactor captured many people’s interest, but for the most part, many wrote it off as simply being an optimistic idea and little more; however, Chinese engineers have managed to bring what many believed to be a fantasy into the realm of reality.

The official name for the traffic-bypassing vehicle is Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), and it just recently had its very first road test. The TEB was put through a trial in order to examine its rate of power consumption and braking responsiveness. The dimensions of the are 72’ tall x 25’ wide, and it is reported that the maximum speed should be just around 40 mph.

The entire vehicle is powered exclusively with electricity, and it is capable of carrying 300 passengers at the current point of its development. Should the project continue on, then it is expected that future renditions of the elevated bus might be capable of carrying even more than the current model’s 300 passenger limit. Before that can happen, the current version still needs to have its full capabilities examined and confirmed for practicality before it’s put to daily use. In the meantime, various other countries (such as France and Indonesia) have expressed interest in getting their own variations of the TEB in production.