Twitter Helps Fight Online Abuse With New Filters and Algorithms

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it has made some significant improvements to their algorithm that is designed to help prevent harassment.


A new series of filters and muting options is designed to combat harassment by allowing users to set up filters based on words or phrases that they would like to block out.


The company also stated that it was making some well needed improvements in their algorithm which is designed to automatically detect what they consider abusive accounts.



Potential Uses


Abuse – The most powerful feature of the new filter and algorithm system that Twitter has deployed is aimed to stop internet abuse on the site. Users who engage in any type of abusive behavior can now be muted from your timeline.


Twitter also announced that users without a profile image, verified phone number verified email addresses can be filtered out.


Spoilers – Another common complaint among Twitter users is related to spoilers. Being on Twitter while your favorite TV show is on can lead to finding out what happens before you have the chance to watch for yourself.


With the new mute feature, words or phrases can now be muted so that any mention of your favorite TV show, movie, or anything else you desire will not show up on your timeline.



Unknown users – Some Twitter users have found that accounts with default profile images can, in some cases, be linked to individuals who may use the social site to harass others or otherwise cause problems on the platform.


With the new updates these anonymous users can now be screened and muted.


While some of the newer features are meant to be implemented by the user, such as the ability to block out certain phrases, other improvements will happen on an algorithmic basis, independent of your user settings.