Andrew Rolfe: Philanthropist & Chairman of the Board for the Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief, founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund told Financial Times that while speaking at a charity function in Davos, he had an epiphany. “The money was flowing in,” he said, “But we weren’t changing lives.” That was when he decided that the Fund, which helps orphaned children in South Africa, needed a new strategy.

In an unprecedented move, the Fund – founded in 1999- started saying “no” to donors who came with strings attached. The money was meant to be spent helping those in need, and that is what he was determined to do. The new strategy involved going after family foundations and high net-worth individuals who understand that highly restrictive donations aren’t worth his time.

Finding a donor who is prepared to give money without any strings attached can be difficult for a nonprofit. Many people who donate significant amounts of money feel that their donation should buy them control over how a nonprofit spends its funds, or how it is managed. Some even go so far as to make demands from beyond the grave by leaving stipulations in their will. What charities need is ongoing support without restrictions so they can spend money freely on what the nonprofit needs, rather than on what the donor wants. Lief found that in his Chairman of the Board of Directors, Andrew Rolfe.

Andrew Rolfe, who holds the same values and beliefs as Lief, has been the chairman of the Board of Directors since 2007. Rolfe felt, as Lief did, that the underprivileged orphans of South Africa would be better served by no-strings-attached donations, and has made it his mission while on the board, to help develop education programs, build safe housing, and make sure there is a sustainable model for living. Andrew Rolfe attends many of the nonprofit galas and functions, networking, and developing new sponsorship for the Ubuntu Education Fund’s mission.

The Appeal of Atomic Design Rochester

A site designer is somebody who produces the design. A creative website designer is always trying to develop something different from the online market. Preston website designers may also have a tendency to be a bit strict when they’re seeking a person to work for them.

Many things a graphic designer learns can serve as an internet designer. Excellent artists never utilize colors without purpose. Skilled designers understand how to create a signature style by the usage of color. Should you be mindful of these, you might be able to pick an artist who’s knowledgeable in marketing along with design.

Until a couple of years past, website design required that the designer has an elaborate comprehension of HTML, to be able to receive a page offering the look he’d imagined. The plan can cause the problem with the clarity if you are not attentive, together with page alignment , atomic design rochester is an exceedingly important element of a site. To attain accessibility, responsive Atomic Design Rochester isn’t the only method.

The War Against Atomic Design Rochester – LocalStack

Don’t employ an internet designer until you’re ready. When you’re finished shopping about for a web designer, do make sure that you have bought a domain name, hosting, have an overall idea of what you’d like your website to look like and written your content, if you’re going to do this yourself. An internet designer has better control over a site with CSS3. Thus it’s essential for the web developer to have all of your information.

Should you not know how to construct a site some services are offering simple site building programs for a little fee or you may hire someone to create a website for you. Since, you currently have a website, to design, develop and maintain its bit hard and costly than you might imagine. All you will need is just to get a site which must be designed professionally. Please provide the main pages you have to have on the site. Don’t forget the elements mentioned here and you need to be creating the very best website available on the web. With new site designing trends and innovative creativity, an expert website designer upgrades her or his skill day by day. You should construct your site to advertise the products.

You will also require website hosting. Men and women assume that Build a website and customers will begin coming.” If you’re able to impress them at the exact first second, then it is easy to rotate them throughout your website which will raise the scope to offer your business to them.

Should you be searching for branding your business in a global arena, then it’s probable that you have to have been contemplating on company’s online presence also. There are lots of web hosting companies, but you should be sure to get one which is reputable. You might not realize this, but many successful online advertising businesses have discovered that design or layout of a site ought to be an advertising decision based on research accomplished by online marketers, not designers. The proper customers of the website will look for existing features and information, and whether they don’t find it, they will search elsewhere.

Web design at professionals can create a site that isn’t going to attract prospective clients but tries to keep loyal customer base that’s so darn important for a steady business enterprise. If you prefer to have an excellent surefire web designer career that you’ll need a degree and hands-on experience. It IS crucial to your long-term online affiliate marketing success.

The Diversity Of YouTube Over The Monotony Of Television

It has been reported that YouTube has surpassed television in views during the presidential debate. There are a lot of reasons for it. A lot of the reasons have to do with convenience. For one thing, people may be far from home or anywhere with television. As a result, all they may have is their smartphones that they can use to access content such as the presidential debate. However, there are other reasons that people are using YouTube over television. A lot of these reasons have a lot to do with preference. For one thing, people can keep up with their favorite shows and even the news with YouTube.

However, one major important factor in the preference of YouTube over television is that there is a wide variety of content that one could watch compared to television. In fact, there seems to be an unlimited set of options when it comes to content that one could view. People don’t have to be limited to certain genres of TV shows at certain times. They could also watch video games, reviews, videos that offer advice on many different topics. One thing that makes YouTube innovative is that it merges television with internet. Therefore, people can look up different types of information on topics that interest them.

YouTube also opens up the door for other people to be viewed. People could discover new types of music and entertainment that could’ve been left out by mainstream entertainment. There are many users that upload classic songs and remixes of classics of songs. There are also re-edits of films that are really interesting. People know that they would never be able to get that with television. This is one of the many reasons that television is losing a bit of its audience to YouTube. In fact, YouTube and streaming technology has become so advanced and convenient that studios are releasing films to digital HD before blu-ray. YouTube is one of the channels that are releasing these films.

Karl Heideck: The Reality of a Litigator

Litigation with Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck: The Reality of a Litigator

The term litigator is not one that many people are familiar with. Most people use the word lawyer to describe anyone who works in the legal system but isn’t a judge. In reality, a litigator is a person that most people are thinking about when they use the word lawyer. Litigators are a type of lawyer.

Litigators, such as Karl Heideck, are attorneys who spend much of their time in courtrooms and fighting for or against lawsuits. Litigation is the largest legal field and describes a wide variety of litigators. There is no one description of a litigator’s day-to-day routine. What a litigator’s job consists of depends on what type of attorney he or she is. It also depends on whether he or she is a sole practitioner or works at a law firm.

Litigators who work at large law firms tend to have a system based on seniority. Those who are just starting out tend to do all the research and memo writing. Occasionally, they get to argue in Small Claims Court as a way to gain experience. Otherwise, much of their courtroom experience consists of sitting in the gallery and observing.

Philadelphia litigator, Karl Heideck can help
Karl Heideck has over 10 years of legal experience

A prime Philadelphia-based litigator is Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck is a well-versed litigator with over 10 years of experience. After graduating from Swarthmore College, he attended the Temple University Beasley School of Law. He graduated from there as one of the top students and with honors. Karl Heideck then began his career as an up and coming litigator.

Karl Heideck’s career centers on risk management and compliance practices. Heideck practices in the Greater Philadelphia Area. His talents exceed beyond just litigating in the courtroom. He’s also skilled at legal writing, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, and employment law.



From Market Provider to #58, OSI Group Grows Internationally

When thinking of the largest privately held companies in the United States, many big names may come to your mind. You may be fervently monitoring gains in your Fidelity investment portfolio through the screen of a Dell computer. Would eating a Mars candy bar from Wegmans sweeten the deal? Or what about a hamburger? In 1955, Otto Kolschowsky, who in 1909 began his business as a butcher, made the sweet deal to be a provider for a small but ambitious hamburger restaurant located in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Ray Kroc’s fast food chain quickly flourished and the Kolschowsky business eventually became an exclusive provider to McDonald’s for meat products. Otto Kolschowsky probably did not conceive in 1928, when he and his family founded Otto & Sons, that his business would be the 58th largest privately held company within the United States in 2016.

Today OSI Group, located in Aurora, Illinois, provides a variety of product lines to an increasingly international client base. At the behest of Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin, the company has moved away from its McDonald’s-centric business model.

“Expanding and diversifying the business was probably the single most exciting part,” said Lavin of moving into European and Southeast Asian markets.

He attributes much of the success of OSI Group to a family-oriented culture, workforce longevity and diversified offerings. In 1970, then employed at a bank, Lavin extended financing to Otto & Sons to open the firms first meat processing plant. When father Otto decided to retire, Lavin became a business partner with his two sons. During the 1970’s Lavin spearheaded investments in South America and Taiwan, and gained half of the controlling interest in the company.

Sheldon Lavin, 81, is also a trustee for Ronald McDonald House, a board member of Rush University Medical Center, and heads a number of notable charities such as The Sheba Foundation. Today, he owns 100% of the controlling interest in the company.

With over 20,000 employees and more than 60 processing plants, OSI Group has moved far from its humble beginnings in a single butchers shop. In August of 2016, OSI Group finalized their acquisition of Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience foods based in Emmerich am Rhein, Germany. With five subsidiaries located throughout Germany and the Netherlands, Baho Food expands the group further into new markets in over 18 countries. In 2016, the company saw revenues in excess of $6 billion, bringing evidence to the success of OSI Group’s “World of Food Solutions” motto.

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An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews and Handling Complaints

White Shark Media is a company focused on helping the small and medium-sized businesses achieve success through inventive strategies in search engine marketing. The marketing solutions come at a cost-effective and flat fee. This is accompanied with full transparency, administrative access to customer’s Google AdWords account and no contracts. White Shark Media’s key clients include iMarine Inc., Platinum Pro Painters Canada and A Star Movers Texas. The company focuses on service lines, industry focus (advertising & marketing, non-profit, Legal, government and real estate), client focus and SEO (on site optimization, link earning& development and local search).



White Shark Media Reviews



White Shark Media has received a number of positive reviews from its clients due to a work well done. An example is the Veterinary practice digital marketing where the client is involved in creating mobility devices for the pets. The client needed a partner in digital marketing to assist in the management of their website as well as optimizing it to increase sales through pay-per-click and SEO strategies. White Shark Media was given the opportunity to assist the client and the work is still ongoing with no plans of stopping anytime soon. The client offers a positive feedback as they are satisfied by the work done by the company. White Shark Media has helped the client get notable sales increase through great customer service. The client described White Shark Media as a company that is always available when needed and they respond fast to any issues experienced on their website. When the client needed anything new, the company got on it fast.



Platinum Pro Painters is a painting company that has two main offices in the Western and Eastern Canada. The painting company required a partner to head its digital marketing to drive new customers and leads to it. Platinum Pro Painters settled on White Shark Media to deliver SEO and pay-per-click services, and the work is ongoing with no plans of terminating the contract. The painting company praised the dedication showed by White Shark Media in the delivery of top-quality results and working hard in conjunction with its clients. They check in every month with the client to find out if everything is going on well and whether they are happy so far with the services offered.

Typical Complaints and how White Shark Media handles them

Although the company gets lots of compliments, it also has a few complaints from clients. The company owns up its mistakes and then works hard to better its services from the mistakes. The typical complaints fall under clients losing touch with their AdWords campaigns and some clients feeling the communication is not good enough. These have been handled via planned monthly status calls to all clients. Secondly, there are direct extension phone systems to enable clients communicate with their contact persons.


How To Get Reliable PPC Management Service

Are you looking for a reliable search engine promotion and marketing specialist? Wondering how to go with a reliable marketing and advertising firm to deal with your advertising project?


White Shark Media is a top rated digital promotion and marketing firm that ensures online advertising and marketing services designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises.


White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the most reliable and prominent growing digital companies around. The company is absolutely committed to ascertaining their clients’ continued favorable outcome.


One of the quickest ways to generate traffic is with pay per click marketing (PPC). PPC advertising gives you the option to reach customers globally, nationally or locally. But it is imperative that you have a good understanding of how to use it before you get started. Doing trial and error will only waste your time and advertising budget. It is important to get the right guidance provided by trained PPC specialists.


Properly implemented and managed, pay per click advertising has the potential to produce a profitable return on your advertising investment. For many years, the company has been helping small and mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs reach their financial goals by providing them with affordable advertising solutions. Their growth derived from their reputation of engineering cost-effective marketing campaigns while rendering a first-rate customer experience.


Keyword research is one of the most fundamental aspects of designing a profitable pay per click campaign. Advertising experts are highly knowledgeable about keyword research and determining the best keywords to use in your ad campaign in order to attract the right audience for your product or service.


Running a prosperous digital marketing and advertising campaign requires dedication and innovation to attain tremendous growth in this competitive landscape, but White Shark Media is up for the challenge. With a team of highly-trained and experienced PPC advertising specialists, White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the industry.


The team at White Shark Media is well known for providing businesses with online advertising tactics and a top notch suite of proprietary advertising resources and tools. And their promotion and marketing services have really helped thousands of firms grow their firms.


One of their PPC specialists will evaluate your existing account and provide you with recommendations to immediately improve your results. Contact White Shark Media immediately to set up a consultation with one of their advertising specialists.


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George Street Photo and Video: Love for weddings in NYC

George Street Photo and Video services, in New York City, offers professional photography for weddings and engagements.

Ten years ago, longtime friends Tim Muller, Dan Creviston, and Michael McMahon founded a photography company based on their love for capturing the excitement of weddings through photography. Weddings are about love, and George Street Photo and Video believes in conveying this message in all they do. One could say that their mission statement is making the photographs as memorable as the real event.

The headquarters are based in New York City, but there are offices in cities across the nation. The photographers will travel to many locations throughout the country, including Philadelphia, Austin, Colorado, and Portland.

Throughout many positive reviews, their photography portfolios can be described as timeless, vintage, romantic, rustic, and even modern. Prices range from $1,000 to $1,999.


Todd Lubar is a respected businessman in the world who has specialized in the real estate industry. Lubar joined the industry several years ago, just after completing his education. In the year 1995, Todd Lubar acquired some capital to start his career in the real estate sector from a company called Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While managing the funds from this company, Lubar was lucky to acquire the necessary skills reacquired in the conservation of a mortgage loan. This was also an excellent opportunity for the businessman to meet and interact with some of the respected professionals in the department such as financial planners, real estate planners, and insurance agents. Lubar managed to create some healthy relationships with these professionals.

After working at Crestar for a while, Todd Lubar managed to get a position at the Legacy Financial Group in the United States. Working for this company was a great achievement for the entrepreneur. He could now access to big amounts of capital that could help him in lending other investors too. He advanced significantly in his career, reaching greater and better heights. In a short duration, he was able to start his own residential company, known as Legendary Properties. The residential company ventured into the industry officially in the year 2002.

Under Lubar’s leadership, Legendary Properties managed to do very well. This is because the real estate expert had a lot of expertise and skills in the industry, and he had all the connections needed. The company registered huge profits in a very short time, thanks to these connections. In just five years, Legendary Properties had already completed two hundred constructions in different parts of the country.

As the chief executive officer of the residential real estate company, Todd Lubar was able to meet some of the most respectable people in the real estate industry. He developed strong relationships with these individuals, and this helped him a lot. This made his activities in the construction department very easy. Lubar enjoys spending time with his children and wife when he is not working at the company. He also loves traveling and helping other individuals in the society whenever he gets the opportunity.

UK Vintners Forms Societies to Expand Their Market Share

The Society of Vintners Limited consists of 25 members. These members come from the vast British Isles. The majority of this society comprises of family owned independent enterprises. The family managers decided to get together and form a single band with entrepreneurs who have invested in the same type of companies. Coming together was a sign of like mindedness and a larger desire to achieve. Forming this society ensured that they obtained competitive prices for a broad range of wines. However, to use these competitive prices, products must be sold through the organization network.

In the consortium, one member takes the responsibility of negotiating for the prices with a potential supplier. The vendors are picked from a specific wine producing region. After negotiations, the member then presents the recommendation to the full committee. After much discussions on the quality of the product, set price and services offered, the consortium deliberates on whether to stock and sell the wines through its network. Of late, the consortium has added three members to reach a total of 28.

The Society of Vintners has its roots from Nottingham Wine Buying Group and the Allied Wine Buyers Consortium. Initially, it was composed of five members who joined forces to create a more active voice in the market. Later, they joined arms with Allied Consortium which was formed in 1960 after two wine merchant joined. The Allied Consortium grew to 20 members. With time, some of it members withdrew. Later, the Allied Group approached the Nottingham group and joined their venture collectively as a Group. The two consortium joined their strengths and formed National Wine Buying Group.

Today, the society prides itself on quality rather than focusing on prices. Unlike other vintners in the UK, they source for the best quality. However, they are not the cheapest. Potential members benefit from an already existing skill base and an already established network.

In the United Kingdom, Merchant Vintners have dominated the business of buying wine. The company has operated since its inception in the year 1965. It is owned by 20 members, and its shares are divided among the members equally. The company aims at giving small family vintners the ability to expand their opposition in the market against larger and existing Vintners in the United Kingdom.

Its members enjoy benefits ranging from combined purchases to availability of large stock. These advantages also ensure the members achieve competitive terms in the market. The members constantly meet and explore new options in regards to quality of their product. Purchasing as a group allows members to reduce their personal stock and still retain access to an extensive portfolio.

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