The Most Fantastic Universal Remote Is Here

Anyone remember the classic television remote control that connected and over-sized hand device to the TV with a thick cable? Only those with really long memories do. Today, remote controls come and go so quick it is hard to remember any of them. They don’t have a cord that aids in the device stick in people’s minds. Some do have major features capable of standing out incredibly. The Logitech Harmony Elite does this just nicely. The remote is being called the perfect universal remote. No one should have a difficult time wondering why the remote gets such a lofty moniker. The Harmony Elite can do a lot.

The remote works with pretty much anything and everything connected to an entertainment system. If it runs through a TV or other consumer electronic device, this remote can command and engage it. Life becomes a lot simpler when the power of “all thing’s entertainment center-oriented” are able to be tweaked with a few taps on a remote.

Another totally outstanding feature exists with this particular remote. No line of site is needed. The aforementioned folks with long memories maybe thinking back to the days when a remote had to be aimed at a sensor. A remote that could not line up with the sensor wouldn’t be able to execute commands. With the Harmony Elite, the remote works from anywhere and everywhere in the house. A television in the living room could be turned on from the basement. The audio can then be pumped into the basement via speakers if such a setup exists. This is one example of how the Harmony Elite may be used to make maximum use of the remote.

Remote controls are more than just mere tools of convenience, although the convenience factor is extremely appreciated. Who wants to get up out of bed to change a channel, return to bed, and then realize the TV is on the wrong channel. Remote controls have saved the world from this type of annoying inconvenience.

On another level, remote controls represent something even more profound. A wonderfully-crafted remote control truly shows the amazing brilliance technological engineers are capable of creating. The remote control has evolved tremendously in 40 years. Imagine what the device is going to look like in 40 more.