Why George Soros believes Donald trump is wrong on immigrant crisis

Both George Soros and Donald trump share the same similarities in the financial platform. Both are American billionaires who have featured in top 400 richest people. The Forbes named Soros as the 16 most prosperous and trump came at position 25. The businessmen are however inclined to different political directions. Whereas Soros is a democrat supporter and liberal, Trump is a diehard republican. The duos have on numerous on different occasions differed concerning one’s beliefs.

Recently, the much-publicized remarks of Trump on blocking the American borders to Muslim immigrants didn’t go well with Soros. The defender of the stateless people recalls that he lived for fifteen years as an immigrant. Although he admits that the refugees of those days were treated fairly well then of the current time, he maintains a strong stand against Trump’s remarks.

Forbes billionaire George Soros stated that blocking the American borders to Muslim immigrants will worsen America’s security problem. He argues that the discriminated Muslims will one have one alternative, turning to terrorism. Soros was forced to flee the Nazi occupation of Hungary during the World War 2 before settling to America. He commends the Germany leader for her firm stand on humanity to offer room for immigrants. Although her position came with an enormous price on a political career, she demonstrated that Europe has the potential to handle the Syrian refuges.

Soros said the work of trump was like that of ISIS. He predicted the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide in the next general election. He defended his stature as partisan saying he was liberal and supported what he believes is good for the people. Soros has been a staunch supporter and sponsor of democratic politics. He has also supported several institutions that advocate for an open society governance. Soros also offers public lectures promoting his liberal ideologies and creating an impact on thousands of Americans. His philanthropic donations are directed towards the needs of the society mainly in education and health care.

Soros has written numerous books that are very resourceful to future entrepreneurs. Soros is among the bestselling book author. He has written over fourteen books in investments, politics, economics, globalization, philanthropy and open societies. According to information published in his personal website, Soros is motivated to sharing his approaches and ideas with the community. The richest American hedge fund entrepreneur has come a long way to the top. Recapped from Forbes