USB-C to Replace Micro USB

With the announcement and imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there is talk of the replacement of the near-universal micro-USB with the new USB Type-C. This new USB type is featured on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and when a new flagship phone comes out with a new type of USB, it usually means the end of the old format. The same had happened with the mini-USB before being changed out for the micro-USB.

The USB-C is different from the micro-USB primarily in the fact that it is reversible. It does not matter which side is used to plug into a device. While this feature is not necessarily significant data-wise, it does lend itself to assist those who have trouble plugging in their devices at night. Along with this design change, the new plug will speed up data transfer exponentially, as the micro-USB technology has surpassed a decade in age.

However, the downside of this new technology is the fact that it will take a while to be phased into use. Unlike Apple, whose phones are universal across users, Android phones will take time to catch up due to the fact that it has different brands and different smartphone lines within those brands. High-end phones like the Note 7 will accept near-immediate adaptation in the next two or three years. Lower end phones among the more affordable price range may take more time to adapt to the times.