Verizon, and the Downfall of Data

Verizon has decided to change their data policy. Before, the company’s grandfathered users were able to keep their unlimited data plan. According to different sources, employees of Verizon has been making posts on Reddit that imply users need to use less of their data or they might lose any connections they have. Back in 2011, Verizon took away unlimited data plans. Since 2011, Verizon has been trying to persuade their users to switching over to metered plans. The company has been trying to get rid of these users in a variety of different ways. Verizon has blocked certain services to the users as well as raising the rates for the unlimited data plan.

There was a statement made by a Verizon official that because there is a shared resource it is important to make sure that everyone on a plan has a good mobile experience. In order to do this, it is imperative that any customer with an unlimited plan needs to move to a Verizon Plan. This must be done by February 16th, 2017. This was stated by Kelly Crummey who is a spokesperson for Verizon.

Because of the resistance from customers, Verizon has been trying to convince customers that they do not want unlimited data plans. Verizon has been trying to tell customers about the benefits and why these plans would be the most efficient for them. Verizon Chief Financial, Officer Fran Shammo, also made a statement that people do not need unlimited plans. He made this statement during an investor conference in September. He also added that it is impossible for companies to make money in a world where unlimited data is a norm.

Verizon Wireless Penalizes Users Who Exceed 200GB Per Month

Verizon is doing everything it can to get a handle on data usage. It has recently announced that it is disconnecting users who use more than 200GB of data within a month. This brings into questions as to the meaning of unlimited data. However, it is important to keep in mind that Verizon wireless has dropped their unlimited data plans more than a couple of years ago. However, it has grandfather the users who have held onto the plan. Users who have averaged more than 200GB of data will either be urged to sign up for new contracts. The other option is that they get disconnected.

While this does seem harsh when it comes to unlimited data use, one must admit that 200GB is a lot. One would have to be online all day everyday. That said, unlimited data is supposed to mean unlimited data. Therefore, that would be a slap to the face for people that are used to not worrying about any data caps. The other thing to consider is that this move might actually push people away from Verizon wireless to mobile carriers that still offer unlimited data.

There is enough controversy when it comes to unlimited data plans to begin with. A lot of people have to deal with being throttled which they don’t like. However, it does say that only a certain amount of data is high speed data. The rest of the data is still unlimited. However, it will only be downloaded at slower speeds.

Verizon Will Purge or Reduce Customers Using 200GB or More of Monthly Data

One of the four major cellular carriers, Verizon, has announced its intention to eliminate “unlimited” data plans from available services. The company actually stopped selling unlimited data plans in 2011, but has “grandfathered” many customers by allowing them to remain in an unlimited data plan if they chose to. However, it appears that customers using what Verizon views as excessive data will be moved to different plans within the next month.

This is part of Verizon’s ongoing push to reduce data consumption rates by its customers. In 2015, they added an additional $20 monthly fee to continue grandfathering customers on unlimited data plans. They’ve also followed other wireless trends and stopped offering contracts, so customers cannot “lock” themselves into a specific rate. When customers upgrade their phones, new plans or updates will become effective.

What, exactly, is considered excessive by the wireless giant? Verizon has determined that customers using more than 200GB of data, averaged over several months, will be selected for review. They’ll be asked to move to new contracts that include data caps of only 100GB of data each month, with an option to add an additional 2GB. Per household line. Additionally, if users choose to take the 100GB plan, they should expect to pay for it: Verizon offers it at $450 per month. That’s over $400 for a limited data plan that users can expect to be speed-throttled once the cap is reached.

Verizon is offering very little to those who do not want to select another, lower-limit plan: they’ll simply disconnect their devices and cut off all service. Customers who want service reinstated will have to choose a new data plan within 50 days to do so.