Trabuco The Ancient War Machine

Trabuco was an extremely popular war machine that was widely used until gunpowder was invented. The first usage of this weapon on record can be dated back to around 400 D.C. when the Chinese were using them in wars against themselves.

Trabuco was powerful to crush walls set up by enemies, and also worked as a catapult, launching projectile weapons, usually stones, either over walls or into awaiting enemies. The machine did usually require some sort of counterweight to balance itself out before attacking. This weapon was not a weapon in which only one person could operate it. The machine was massive in size, and required anywhere between 15 to 45 men to operate it. The men who controlled the machine were divided into pairs to control a rope on the device to give it the proper leverage needed to launch stones.

There is said to be 2 types of Trabucos that were used, depending on how they were built. The lighter one could hurl stones weighing around 140 pounds, while the other one could launch stones that weighed as much as 300 pounds. The size of the Trabuco built would always determine how the size of the stones that could be launched, as well as the velocity rate in which the stones traveled.

Although the Chinese were the first to use and popularize the weapon, they were not the only ones who used it. The weapon began to gain popularity in the Middle East and Europe around 600 D.C.. One of the first areas of the Middle East to try the weapon were located in Eastern Germany. Later on the popularity of the weapon transcended to France, England, Portugal, and Italy according to Although no longer used in wars, the Trabuco can still be built today by simply searching online for directions, or someone who is experienced in doing so. The activities used for them today are usually for something like throwing balls, or grapes. In beginning to use the Trabuco, once it is built, you first have to put one end of your string on the hook before putting your item on it. After doing so, you next place a counterweight to balance the machine on Make sure the Trabuco is balanced, then release the counterweight you have placed. The sling will begin to accelerate at a rapid pace, causing the item to rotate back into the sling. The sling will the slide through the hook and the item placed will be pushed towards the direction the Trabuco was aiming at.

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