Top 6 of the UK’s Leading Vintners

Looking for the finest in wine merchants? Whether you are interested in supplying a fine wine for a simple dinner with friends or for your small business, look no further than this helpful guide to six of the UK’s leading vintners.

1. The Vintner
Offering 100 wines, The Vintner’s fine array of dessert and fortified wines is sure to impress the biggest wine enthusiast. Their website ( makes searching for that special vintage easy. They offer suggestions on food and wine pairings to make planning your next event easy. You can also find information on regions, grapes, and the producers that work with The Vintner. They are located in London.

2.McKinley Vintners
McKinley Vintners offer wines from Italy, France, New Zealand, Germany, USA, and Spain. Contact them if you’d like to make an online order.

This company is noted for some of the most impressive wines and champagnes available in the UK. They boast noted professionals who will meet with individuals looking to curate a fine wine, whether for simple enjoyment or for building a personal wine cellar. They offer wine accessories such as glasses and decanters. Search their Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, and Spanish wines. Or browse their list of champagnes, such as the Dom Perignon 2002. They also offer storage and deliver options. Their offices are located in Surrey and London.

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4. A&B Vintners
This UK vintner is based in Kent and began in 1998. John Arnold, the founder and general manager, enjoys speaking to customers directly. A & B Vintners supplies wines from Burgundy, Italy, the south of France, Oregon, the Rhône Valley, Austria and Germany. Visit their website to view their list of red, white, sparkling, and rosé wines and champagnes.

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5. Merchant Vintners
This company claims to be “The UK’s leading wine buying group“. Selling wine for more than 50 years, Merchant Vintners has a history of serving small businesses across England and Scotland. You must be a member to view their exclusive product list.

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6. Viader Vintners
Located in Cardiff, Viader Vintners has 15 years of service. The staff offer their own events on site and can assist with choosing wines for personal or corporate events. Boasting wines from more than 18 regions worldwide, including Alsace, South America, and locally in Wales, this UK vintner offers something for everyone.

Discover the Finest Wines from the Antique Wine Company

Since 1982, The Antique Wine Company has been providing an unparalleled selection of wines to over 20,000 clients in 70 countries. So, it goes without saying that CEO Stephen Williams knows what he’s doing! When it comes to fine wines and amazing events you will find this company at the heart of it all. If you’re looking to plan an event, source rare wines, learn more about wine or plan a cellar you needn’t look further.

Though the company has a passion for antique vintage wines, they boast a product range that includes a wide selection of contemporary vintages as well. You’ll only get fine wines from AWC. Whatever your favorite type is, you’re bound to find a bountiful selection from this award winning company. Choose from red, white, sweet, sparkling, fortified, and even Whisky and Armagnac.

Success for Stephen Williams didn’t come easy. He began with a desire to provide something for people that they’d buy and enjoy. Starting with wine tastings in people’s homes, The Antique Wine Company has grown to a multi-million pound business in just over 30 years.

The company is also known for producing the most valuable bottle of white wine ever sold. The 1811 Chateau d’Yquem was sold for £75,000 to former sommelier, Christian Vanneque. It is currently on display at one of his two restaurants, but he does plan to drink it.

If you’d like to be a wine VIP, you can secure services from AWC that include supply and delivery of your choice wines to events and weddings. The Company offers professional concierge packages, expert-led masterclasses, and sommelier services as well. Vintage gift boxes will impress any client and include a personal engraved plaque with your choice bottle of wine. These and many other offerings are what the company apart and contribute to its success.

You can browse a list of upcoming events on the Antique Wine Company‘s official website. There’s no better way to get acquainted with the world’s leading wine distributor. From an annual Pinnacle Tasting and Gourmet Dinner to various meet and greets with the company CEO, you are assured a marvelous time sampling the best wines in the world and expanding your knowledge with like-minded people. Expect to be catered to in every way!

One thing is certain; if you’ve not even tried the fine wines produced by AWC you are doing yourself a disservice. Check out the latest online exclusives or browse the wine list on their official website today!