Youtubers to Watch

YouTubers are making the circuit. These “how to” and “self-made” guru’s are experts in various industries. They range from beauty, cooking, comedy, fashion, gaming and entertainment. One well known YouTuber is Wengie who is Australian based. She is a beauty blogger turned YouTuber. Her channel has plenty of tutorials, reviews and trends for her viewers to follow and interact with.

Her claim to fame started when she was working at a digital marketing agency a few short years ago. She was helping clients with branding through social media and blogging. Her love of beauty and fashion turned into a booming business when she started blogging then videoing her advice. From then on her brand took off. She became a great success. She is Chinese but was raised and still resides in Australia.

Famous YouTubers don’t just stop at Wengie. PewDiePie is a gaming expert with over 41 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is comedic in his presentation and entertains his audience with commentary and gaming content. He is 25 years old and Swedish. His YouTube channel garnered him a network of over $7.4 million dollars.

Survival Lilly is another female YouTuber with a much smaller subscription list of 158,000, but nonetheless very popular. She takes on survival adventures and records them for her channel. Her expertise is solely on survival content and she posts every Wednesday and Saturday. She is very popular among those that homestead and love bushcraft.

Glozell is a comedienne best known for wearing green lipstick and green clothing. Her videos are often song parodies and comedy about her own personal life experiences. By 2014 she had over 500 million views and over 4 million subscribers. She is also best known for interviewing President Barack Obama at the White House via a live stream.

YouTube is here to say and it provides an incredible platform for those who want an unconventional line of work where they get to eat, sleep and breathe their passion. It takes hard work but many have paved the way and will continue to do so.