Cell Phones May be Dangerous to Your Health

According to medical professionals, it looks as though cellular phones may very well be contributing to an increase in cancer cases. This is especially true for cancers that affect the head and neck areas, according to Joel M. Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California. Data that was collected back in 2011, determined that radiofrequency radiation has a very carcinogenic effect on the body. The more a person uses their phone, the higher their risk would be for developing cancer at some point in their lifetime. This is worrisome to young professional like Ivan Ong, who you can check out at his personal website.

A number of Interphone studies that were completed by a number of

wireless communication companies
determined that frequent use of cellular technology was a contributing factor to brain cancer and other neuromas. While at one point in time, these findings were considered to be ‘plausible’ they are now showing to be more confirmed. There are phone cases on the market that claim to block radiation from the person using the phone or carrying it around. Medical professionals and scientists are not so sure that these products can live up to their claims. Currently, many of these products have not been studied. The best option you have is to put your phone away when not in use. Don’t carry it in your pocket or close by. Also, limit your phone activity to when you really need it. Hopefully, more definitive answers will be available in the near future regarding this health concern.

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