Clay Siegall Joins In Effort To Deliver Solutions For Cancer Treatment

Cancer is among diseases that have been giving professionals from all areas of medicine hard time while looking for solutions that could lead to better methods of dealing with the disease. It has been allotted a lot of money and experts spend time looking for ideas that could lead to solutions in dealing with the menace.


The development of cancer institutes has allowed the growth of research methods that have led to the discovery of effective treatment methods. Seattle Genetics is among biotechnology companies that have worked on delivering better healthcare to the people. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company came up with new methods of dealing with cancer that are more effective.


Clay Siegall is a professional who has through his entire career worked on developing better healthcare systems and his focus all along has remained on cancer treatment. With the effort he has put to research, Clay Siegall has managed to steer Seattle Genetics well to allow the company to explore new and better ways of delivering treatment to patients. Clay Siegall is a professional whose career as a researcher has revealed many solutions in the fight against cancer and his most notable achievement came when he launched ADCETRIS, a revolutionary drug that helps in the treatment of cancer and related ailments.


Research for effective cancer treatment

Additionally, Clay Siegall has worked to ensure Seattle Genetics enters into partnerships with leading biotechnology companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Abbvie. These partnerships are built around research and working together to deliver solutions for the development of cancer treatment methods. So many achievements have come along through these research projects and one of them was the development of the ADC Technology that offers better methods of resolving problems related to cancer.


Growing to become an internationally recognized company took Seattle Genetics a lot of sacrifice and effort and their CEO, Clay Siegal was a key pillar in the development of the company. Since inception in 1998, the company has narrowed its operations to research and the development of new methods of treating diseases. Clay Siegall appreciates the progress the company has made over the years while fighting cancer.

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