Find Out Who Greg Secker Really Is

Greg Secker is a finance trader who lives in London. He is a philanthropist, and a father and his interests are technology, innovation, coffee, and sports. Greg was born on 18th February 1975. He went to the University of Nottingham where he studied Agriculture and Food Sciences. Greg is a philanthropist, and a father. Greg is the founder of Greg Secker foundation, Smart Chart, Capital Index, and FX Capital.

He founded Knowledge to action group in 2003. The group is composed of Manila, London, Johannesburg and Sydney based Learn to Trade. Greg has received attention from the media for the international education of financing trade and has been recognised for being a foreign exchange expertise. SmartCharts makes trading easy by using latest innovations that are very simple and straightforward. It gives people a chance to place a trade from the computers irrespective of their location. FX Capital offers professionally managed account services. It uses SmartCharts algorithmic and learn to trade strategies to safeguard the investor’s capital.

During an interview, Greg Secker states that his ideas came about due to boredom and opportunity. He worked for a foreign exchange management bank and had time to focus on his own trading. In a short while, Greg found himself teaching. Greg’s typical day revolves around working from home. He runs most of his board meetings from home. In order to be more productive, he gives himself more time to think. He believes that you can either think or work and that if you spend all your time working, then you have no time to think and come up with new ideas.

Greg takes a liking to the freedom to share information through video broadcasters and TV. Instead of following directions on what to consume and enjoy your life, technology gives freedom of choice, and thought. His main secrets of success is carefully thinking about his strategies before implementing them. He recommends ‘Tools of Titans’ by Tim Ferris to readers who want to better their life. He looks up to Gary Vaynerchuk because of his power to turn people into products and advertise to them efficiently.

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