Interesting Facts about Highland Capital Management

If you want to invest in financial assets, or you are looking for a good company to help you invest your money, then Highland capital management is the best choice. Highland capital management, a SEC-registered investment adviser, is a hedge fund focusing on management of accounts. They manage accounts for banks, insurance companies, foundation and those individuals with a high net worth. The company, which has about $15.4 billion of assets under its management, was founded by Mark Okada and James Donder in 1993 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Visit to know more.

The secrets behind the success of the company

The following factors have made the company succeed:

Unlike other companies that are after making huge commissions, Highland capital is concerned with products that satisfy their potential customer’s needs. It does this through offering their customers assistance on budgeting. The company also helps clients eliminate unnecessary spending from their budget enabling them to make more money through more investments.

  • Helps the clients to know the basics of investing

Many investors do not know what to do with their money for them to have the most benefits. Highland capital trains their clients to enable them to become more comfortable with investing. They work hand in hand with the investors to ensure that they understand everything that relates to their money.


Areas of Specializations

The company specializes in credit strategies which include the following:

  • Distressed and special-situation private equity which involves investing in equity or other securities in a financially stressed company
  • Credit hedge funds

It also offers alternative investments advice which includes:

  • Investment advises about emerging markets
  • Investments based on Long/short equities
  • Investments based on natural resources

Good leadership of James Dondero can be attributed to the success of the company. Many companies think they are after helping their clients to make right investment decisions. They invest much cash in certain investments, but the companies end up losing due to poor leadership. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

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