Lime Crime Cosmetics:Makeup For Fearless Colorful Unicorns

Looking for lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, rouge and hair dye in loudly delicious colors like Wicked, Red Velvet, Riot, Cashmere, Pumpkin and Marshmallow? Then check out Lime Crime cosmetics. Created by the Unicorn Queen, fashion designer, model and rock & roll artist Doe Deere, this makeup line lets you make the loudest statement imaginable without ever opening your mouth. If you have the temerity to let your makeup do your talking, this brand’s for you. It offers the opportunity for a level of colorful, self-expression no other brand can match.


Doe Deere created the brand because she wanted to ensure she was seen at her rock & roll shows. Now millions of people from the four corners of the earth use it to make powerful statements of their own. Whether you’re going to a party, concert or to work, you too can wear makeup that makes you stand out in a crowd. Plus all the products in the makeup line are made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. It’s the kind of bold statement that let’s people know you’re confident in who you are and unafraid to show your inner unicorn.


While other cosmetics brands encourage you to try to blend in and please the fashion police, Lime Crime lets you be you in all your colorful glory. With the international success of the brand, Doe Deere has inspired countless women to pursue their dreams of owning their own companies and making their mark. Plus she’s always willing to give them the help, encouragement and guidance they need to make their unique brands a success. Doe Deere is now a role model for many women who believe their time has come. She’s a bold, brave modern woman that has dared to seek her fortune in the competitive world of cosmetics.


With her creation of the Lime Crime brand she’s creating a colorful future full of possibility for all women willing to defy the so-called ‘experts’ and dare to live their dreams. If you aren’t afraid to be seen, then this cosmetics line is made especially for you.



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