Matthew Autterson’s Success in the Financial Industry

Matthew Autterson is one of Denver’s best financial services professionals, and this did not come easy for him. His discipline and commitment to excellence are what have seen him prosper in this field. He has worked as a financial services professional for more than 25 years, and has gained extensive experience during this period. Some of his areas of expertise include accounting, tax planning, wealth management, and investment among others. Matthew provides consultation services and also manages his clients’ investment portfolios on their behalf if they so wish. His passion for his job and commitment to his clients are what set him apart from other investment managers.

Fruitful Career

Matthew graduated from Michigan State University in 1979 with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration in finance and thereafter enrolled for a graduate tax program at the University of Denver. Shortly after, Matthew Autterson landed a job with First Trust Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Fiserv. He worked under experts in the finance industry and learned a lot at the company. In 1982, Matthew joined Resources Trust Company, which is a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc. His hard work saw him rise quickly through the ranks and within 4 years, he was appointed president of Resources Trust Company. The company was still in its early stages of development when Matthew started working with it.

Matthew is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company has only been operation for about 5 years and is already performing exceptionally well under Matthew’s leadership. He is a managing partner at GL3B Partners Limited, LLP. Matthew also serves on the board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He believes in giving back to the community, and this is evident from his active involvement in the activities of numerous non-profit organizations. Some of these are Denver Zoological Foundation, Webb-Waring Foundation, and Denver Zoo. He also served as the chairman of the board of directors of Denver Hospice for a few years.


The financial services sector is a fast changing one and succeeding in it requires someone who is able to keep up with the changes to stay relevant. Thanks to Matthew Autterson’s resilience, he has managed to become one of the professionals in the finance industry, and it is no wonder he is so highly sought-after today. He is a lover of life and enjoys taking part in safari rallies and spending time with his family during his free time.

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