MB2 Dental Solutions Forms New Partnerships With Picasso Dental + Orthodontics

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that aims to change the way that dental clinics work. The organization was formed by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva as a solution that dentists from all over the country can choose if they want to have their successful practice. When a dentist passes out of college, they are faced with the decision of wanting to open up their clinic or joining an organization. A lot of dentists choose the former solution, but end up having to do all the other work at their clinic in addition to treating their patients. Dentists were trained to treat people’s teeth, and not to look at accounts and manage human resources, which is why running one’s clinic can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, a company like MB2 Dental Solutions comes in to help dentists who are faced with this.

For starters, the organization teams up with existing doctors and their practices. Soon after that, MB2 Dental Solutions takes over all the workings of the clinic. In other words, give dentists someone who will do all the accounting and the human resource management for them. This solution is the ideal way for dentists to own their successful practice while focusing on what they love doing best. Read more on crunchbase.com to know more about MB2 Dental.

Recently, MB2 Dental Solutions formed a partnership with Picasso Dental + Orthodontics, a clinic in Seagoville, Texas. This is just one of the many partnerships that the organization has with the clinic. Currently, MB2 Dental Solutions is fully operational in six states in America, with more to open up soon. Dr. Rishank Korupolu is the owner of Picasso Dental + Orthodontics and the person who was behind the smooth partnership deal that MB2 Dental Solutions took on. He has always been extremely passionate about treating his patients and aims to give each one of them a smile that they would want to flaunt all the time.

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Through the new clinic, MB2 Dental Solutions and Picasso Dental + Orthodontics want to be able to offer the community of Seagoville nothing short of the best in dental care and orthodontics. Dr. Rishank has been in the field of dentistry for over four years and has been treating patients with the drive and passion he has for dentistry. Now, he feels like it is time for him to take the next step in his career, and focus on giving the people of Seagoville the absolute best treatments. Watch this video on Youtube.

MB2 Dental Solutions is known for taking existing practices and turning them into something amazing, and extremely lucky. But at the same time, the organization tries its best not to leave out those who are just starting out in the field of dentistry. The organization is always on the search for new doctors who are just passing out of dental school. The organization offers them a range of solutions, from which they can choose to team up with an existing clinic, with a doctor running it. By doing so, MB2 Dental hopes to train these fresher to one day lead their clinics and be successful doctors of MB2 Dental Solutions on their own.

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