How Mr. Vincent Parascandola has transformed the AXA

AXA is a French Multinational company that has touched millions of lives by providing stability and reliability in the form of life insurance and estate law. In addition, this company has specialized in the provision of a vast array of financial services and investment management plans. With the expertise in these fields, the company has helped many people to face life with confidence and peace of mind. In addition to making wealth from little resources, AXA has enabled many people to realize their dreams and transfer their legacy to their loved ones. AXA has become a household name because of the following reasons:

• Global operations that span from The United States, Gulf of the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Mexico, and Africa.
• Philanthropy is a key tenet in AXA since this company has invested over €100 million to support the research and aid in the fight against the environment, society, and human life.
• Wealth creation is the domain of AXA Wealth, a global subsidiary that focuses on marketing, bonds, corporate businesses, and pensions.
• Wealth protection is a key tenet of this group that aspires to become the global leader in this field. One of the proven ways of wealth protection is to devise a couple of innovative ways to reduce your overall tax. The corporation enjoys a vast array of tax breaks that trickle down to their customers.
• The medical insurance provider, AXA PPP is headquartered in Kent, England. The healthcare provider serves many individuals, expatriates, and businesses through the employee insurance programs.

Vincent Parascandola
AXA owes its success to the efforts of its Senior executive president, Mr. Vincent Parascandola. Mr. Parascandola is responsible for the recruitment of new staffs, management of global operations, and sales. His expertise has also helped to shape the lives of many financial professionals who work in the various branches. While he began his career as an agent in 1987 as an agent, he had excelled in a myriad of regional management positions even before he joined the AXA in 2004. Vincent Parascandola’s efforts have given the AXA a global presence that is making a huge impact in the world.

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